Boeing Delivered Four Jets In July Including Two 787 Dreamliners


Boeing delivered four widebody jets in July. Last month, the American planemaker handed over two Dreamliners, one 767F, and one 777F. While these numbers are much lower than what Boeing traditionally delivers, the current crisis has led airlines to defer or cancel orders as they preserve cash and focus on long-term viability.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Boeing delivered two 787s in July. Photo: Getty Images

Delivery of four aircraft

In July, the following four aircraft were delivered by Boeing:

While air travel has begun to recover, Boeing has noted that there is still a lot of work to go. Airlines are focused on conserving cash, and the company remains ready to work with customers on all fleet-related needs.

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DHL 777
DHL took delivery of one 777F last month. Photo: DHL

These four deliveries overall take Boeing to 74 aircraft delivered this year. Most were widebodies.

The crisis and restrictions are limiting Boeing’s deliveries

The current crisis, both economic and public health-wise, is limiting Boeing’s delivery capabilities. For one, with customers deferring deliveries and rejigging their order books. But, moreover, even for the airlines that are looking to take deliveries of new jets, it is challenging to accept the new planes.


There are plenty of in-person activities that are related to aircraft delivery. While Airbus offers a contactless delivery, Boeing has not made any such announcement. This makes getting planes across the globe a little tricky. The United States has barred travelers coming from many countries, including China, Europe, and Brazil. Customers and Boeing have to work within these constraints on deliveries.

Air France
Air France took delivery of its last Boeing 787. Photo: Boeing

Aircraft deliveries are by nature, fluid and can vary on plenty of different factors. Production timings can vary and push aircraft out a few weeks.

The future of aircraft deliveries

Preliminary information indicates that there were some 787 deliveries early this month that will help boost Boeing’s August deliveries. The 787 is one of the best performing lines Boeing currently has. However, once the MAX is recertified, that will likely help push Boeing’s deliveries higher and higher.


Back in July 2019, Boeing delivered 19 aircraft– all but two widebodies. The narrowbody 737s were special defense aircraft. In July 2018, before the MAX grounding, Boeing delivered 39 jets in July– mostly narrowbodies. Narrowbodies usually are the driving force for Boeing’s deliveries.

Boeing 737 MAX
There are plenty of MAX aircraft waiting to be delivered. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking of the MAX, Boeing has over 400 MAX jets sitting waiting to be delivered. The current plan is to deliver all or at least most, in the one year after recertification. Recertification is pressing forward. Recently, the FAA proposed an Airworthiness Directive (AD) for the MAX. That is one step in the process of getting the MAX back in the air. Once the grounding has been lifted, Boeing can resume deliveries of the MAX– pending any other regulatory approvals needed from other countries.

2020 will be a low year in the books for Boeing’s deliveries. Struck first by the MAX grounding, Boeing was then hit by the current crisis, which then led to airlines delaying any and all expansion plans– though some have restarted.

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