Boeing To Lay Low At Paris Air Show


Boeing is expected to lay low at the Paris Air Show. This is as they continue to deal with the fallout from the 737 MAX crisis. The manufacturer had previously been expected to launch the 797 at the show, but now will only bring the Boeing 787, after the 777X suffered first flight delays.

Boeing Paris Airshow
Boeing is expected to keep a fairly low profile at the Paris Air Show. Photo: Boeing

It’s fair to say that things aren’t really going well for Boeing at the moment. At the same time as the Boeing 737 MAX crisis, the manufacturer is having 777X troubles. Indeed, the Boeing 777X was expected to be on show at the Air Show. However, the aircraft is yet to take its first flight following engine troubles.

Only one passenger aircraft

Boeing will only be taking one passenger aircraft to the Paris Air Show this year. This will be Air Tahiti Nui’s Boeing 787-9. This is in contrast to their main competitors Airbus who will be bringing no less than five passenger aircraft. This will range from the A220 to the discontinued Airbus A380.

Air shows are typically a place of celebration of aviation. This is especially true of Paris. Companies from around the world come to show off their latest and greatest products and innovations. This is typically tied with big order announcements. However, with only one aircraft at the show, Boeing could find its options to show off aircraft to potential clients limited.

Boeing 787-9 Paris Air Show
The only passenger Boeing aircraft is expected to be Air Tahiti Nui’s 787. Photo: Air Tahiti Nui

Orders still expected

According to a number of other sources such as Seeking Alpha, both of the large manufacturers are expected to book billions of dollars of orders. This is despite a significant slow down of orders for both manufacturers in the past couple of months. Indeed, in May Airbus had just one aircraft order. This was for an Airbus ACJ320neo.

While it is entirely possible that Boeing may receive fewer orders than they are used to, we would be incredibly surprised if they do particularly badly. While the Boeing 737 MAX is currently suffering from bad press, and the Boeing 777X program is looking to be delayed, the aircraft manufacturer can still sell its remaining products like the popular Boeing 787. That being said, the Boeing 777X and 737 MAX are the manufacturer’s hottest products of the moment.

Boeing 777X Paris Air Show
The Boeing 777X was expected to be present but is yet to take its first flight. Photo: Boeing

Could we see the Boeing 797?

Boeing had been expected to announce the Boeing 797 or NMA at the 2019 Paris Air Show. However, it looks like the company are currently putting as much focus as they can on fixing the 737 MAX. As such, it would seem that a Boeing 797 announcement will be unlikely this time around.

Looking at Boeing’s Paris Air Show schedule, they would have very little time to announce a 797. The only relevant talks are an hour long business update on Monday, a 30-minute widebody media briefing on Tuesday, and an hour-long closing conference on Thursday.

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