Boeing Delivers Just 5 737s In The Third Quarter Of 2019

Boeing hasn’t had the best year as things go. While the 737 MAX is grounded, deliveries of the type cannot take place. As such, when Boeing yesterday revealed its Q3 delivery results, it was noticeable that only five 737s had been delivered.

Boeing, 737 deliveries, Q3
Boeing delivered just 5 737s in Q3. Photo: Boeing

Since the Boeing 737 MAX grounding began in March, the aircraft has dominated aviation headlines. What was thought to be a short grounding has turned into half a year. As a result, Boeing’s deliveries have suffered with the manufacturer delivering only 63 aircraft in the third quarter of 2019. This included just five Boeing 737 aircraft.

Boeing 737 deliveries drop

Arguably the biggest single influencer on Boeing’s Q3 deliveries has been the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX. The American manufacturing giant is unable to deliver any of the 737 MAXs being built. As a result, the company had to commandeer a staff car park in order to store all of the aircraft in Seattle.

The grounding comes at a time when Boeing was delivering the final Boeing 737 NG aircraft, in preparation for just making the MAX. As such, the company’s Boeing 737 deliveries have gone down in steps in the first three quarters of 2019:

  • In quarter 1 Boeing delivered 89 737 aircraft;
  • In quarter 2 Boeing delivered 24 737 aircraft;
  • In quarter 3 Boeing delivered 5 737 aircraft.
Boeing, 737 deliveries, Q3
The Boeing 737 MAX grounding is a big contribution to the low numbers. Photo: Boeing

This means, in total, Boeing has delivered 118 737 aircraft so far this year. By contrast, the manufacturer delivered 269 737 aircraft in the first six months of 2018.

Other aircraft see maintained deliveries

Deliveries of other aircraft have remained fairly constant moving from Q2 to Q3. The exception is that Boeing delivered 17% fewer 787 aircraft in quarter 3 compared to the second quarter. Indeed, as the Boeing 747 program appears to be slowing, it delivered just one. This compares to two aircraft in both Q1 and Q2.

Boeing 767 deliveries remained constant at 10 aircraft in both Q2 and Q3, down from 12 aircraft in Q1. Additionally, Boeing 777 deliveries remained constant at 12 aircraft in Q2 and Q3, up from 10 in Q1.

Boeing, 737 deliveries, Q3
Boeing’s deliveries by aircraft type for 2019 so far. Image: Simple Flying | Data: Boeing

The Boeing 787 has seen the most movement in terms of delivery numbers excluding the 737 program. In Q1 Boeing delivered 36 787 aircraft. This jumped to 42 aircraft in Q2 before dropping back to 35 aircraft in Q3.

Return to normal numbers?

Deliveries should return to near normal numbers once the Boeing 737 MAX has been ungrounded. In fact, there could even be a surge. A backlog of aircraft are already built and Simple Flying previously reported that Boeing is ready to hire more staff to get there aircraft out to their respective customers.

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