Boeing Resumes 737 MAX Deliveries Following Electrical Grounding

Boeing has resumed 737 MAX deliveries, according to reports. The American aircraft builder had to pause deliveries of the jet, following electrical concerns. It is the second time that Boeing has resumed deliveries of the aircraft in the past year following the type’s total grounding in 2019.

Boeing 737 MAX, Deliveries, Resumption
Boeing has reportedly resumed deliveries of the 737 MAX. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

It’s fair to say that the Boeing 737 MAX program has had a bit of a bumpy ride the past two years. Late last year, the type was recertified by the FAA and then progressively by many other countries. Another road bump was experienced earlier this year when a new MAX issue led to many aircraft being regrounded, with deliveries paused once more.

737 MAX deliveries resume

It seems that Boeing has resumed deliveries of the 737 MAX family, according to Reuters. The publication reported that deliveries had been suspended on April 16th, meaning that this new, smaller grounding lasted just over a month.

The fix for this issue was much quicker than the MCAS fix required following the first grounding. Reuters reports that Boeing submitted the fix earlier this month. Last week Simple Flying reported that the FAA had accepted the fix, allowing deliveries to continue. According to the publication, a Boeing spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Boeing 737 MAX, Deliveries, Resumption
Boeing received approval for the new MAX fix last week. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Despite this hiccup, The 737 MAX’s return to the skies has been generally good for Boeing. Earlier this year, in March, net monthly orders finally returned to positive figures. This was the first time that this had happened since November 2019. In March, we also reported that 14 operators were flying the MAX, with over 160 out of 195 aviation authorities certifying the type. These numbers have grown in the two months since despite the latest hiccup and are set to continue growing.

According to fleet data from, 166 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from 22 carriers are currently active. Meanwhile, 309 MAX aircraft from 53 carriers are currently listed as inactive.

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An upcoming Ryanair delivery?

The 737 MAX fix could mean that Ryanair now takes delivery of its first 737 MAX ‘gamechanger’ aircraft. The Irish LCC has been keen to get its hands on the aircraft, with the first deliveries initially scheduled for April 2019.

Once the 737 MAX did return to service, Ryanair couldn’t take its first aircraft straight away. To accommodate more passengers, the jet has an additional emergency exit. Thanks to this, the aircraft required additional certification beyond the general 737 return to flight certification. It finally achieved this back in April, shortly before this latest grounding.

Boeing 737 MAX Ryanair
The move could mean that Ryanair finally gets hold of its first 737 MAX. Photo: Getty Images

Ryanair had been preparing for an imminent 737 MAX delivery as soon as the FAA and EASA issued this certification. Such a delivery didn’t happen. Just this week, Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary warned the airline might not see a MAX before summer, commenting,

“As the management team in Seattle continues to mismanage that process I think there is a real risk we might not see any of these aircraft in advance of summer 2021.”

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