Breaking: Boeing Delivered Just 20 Commercial Aircraft In The Second Quarter


Boeing delivered just 20 aircraft in the second quarter of 2020. The American aerospace manufacture has been hit by the perfect storm of the grounding of one of its most popular passenger products tied with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Deliveries have fallen by 78% year on year and even more since the first quarter of 2019.

737 MAX
Boeing delivered just 20 aircraft in the second quarter. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing has today revealed its preliminary aircraft deliveries for the second quarter of 2020. Given the two significant situations currently affecting Boeing, the numbers were never expected to be amazing. The manufacturer delivered more helicopters to its Defense, Space & Security programs in the second quarter.

The perfect storm

Boeing has been dealing with the perfect storm when it comes to aircraft deliveries. For the past 16 months, the Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded. Deliveries of the 737 haven’t taken place since Donald Trump signed an executive order grounding the type.

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The Boeing 737 MAX was one of the manufacturer’s top products along with the 787. However, the production of older 737s has ended. As a result, while Boeing kept making the MAX, it hasn’t joined the delivery list.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner 787-9
787 deliveries made up 35% of total Q2 deliveries. Photo: Getty Images

However, the second part of the perfect storm came in the form of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most airlines from around the world have postponed aircraft deliveries as a result of the current situation. Boeing was even forced to close both its Seattle and Charleston facilities at one point.


What was delivered?

So we know that 20 aircraft were delivered, but what exactly was delivered? The Boeing 747 saw the fewest deliveries at just one during the quarter. This Boeing 747 was also the only one to be delivered in the whole first half of 2020.

The Boeing 737, 767, and 777 programs all tied in second place, with four deliveries each in the second quarter of the year. This brings the programs to 9, 14, and 10 deliveries in the first half, respectively. The four 737s delivered were for the UK and US military. The P-8 is included by Boeing in commercial figures as it is based on the Boeing 737-800.

Cargolux getty 747-8f
Boeing delivered just one 747 in the first half of 2020. Photo: Getty Images

The Boeing 787 has seen the best deliveries of both the second quarter and the whole year so far. Boeing has delivered seven 787s in Q2, bringing the total for the first half of the year to 36. Two of these seven aircraft were delivered to British Airways in the space of four days.

Commenting on the results, Greg Smith, Boeing executive vice president of Enterprise Operations, chief financial officer and interim leader of Communications said,

“Our commercial airplane deliveries in the second quarter reflect the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our customers and our operations that included a shutdown of our commercial airplane production for several weeks. We have and will continue to work with our customers on specific timing and adjustment to deliveries”

On the bright side, things are beginning to look more favorable for the 737 program. Earlier this month, the aircraft completed 10 hours of recertification flights, edging it closer to returning to the skies. Many uncompleted planes are ready to be delivered almost straight away.

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