Boeing Shows Off The Interior Of Their New 777X Aircraft Model

Boeing has revealed a potential cabin layout for its new Boeing 777x aircraft. The announcement was made while the Aircraft Interior Expo takes place in Hamburg.

The Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo is an annual exhibition where the work from the world’s interior designers is shown off. In fact, yesterday we saw HAECO announce a new seat which could be utilised as the new Emirates premium economy seat. Additionally, a number of other announcements have been made including a unique pitch for a new standing chair:

Boeing’s announcement

Boeing’s announcement came yesterday afternoon. While it doesn’t seem as though any physical mockups were shown, there were 3D renders of the product. Indeed, this started with a photo just showing the galley of the aircraft.

777x Interior
It looks surprisingly like a pot has exploded, covering the ceiling in food. Photo: Boeing

The rather colourful galley photo was accompanied by some shots of seating across three different cabins. First up was a shot of a rather large couch type seat, likely comprising a first class suite.

777X interior
A rather large, potentially first class suite. Photo: Boeing

The premium economy cabin looks particularly spacious on board the mock-up aircraft.

777X Interior
The premium economy cabin will feature spacious seating with large IFE displays. Photo: Boeing

Finally, the economy cabin features a 3-4-3 layout, with some rather dark blue mood lighting.

777x Interior
The economy cabin doesn’t look stunningly different from an ordinary economy cabin. Photo: Boeing

When will I see this?

It’s not likely that this new design will be gracing the skies anytime soon. While aircraft manufacturers can make a suggestion as to an aircraft’s interior, it is ultimately up to the customer to pick their seating. Lufthansa, the aircraft’s launch customer, has previously released photos of the new business class to be featured on the Boeing 777-9. Indeed, their aircraft will not host a first class cabin.

777x interior
Lufthansa’s new business interior features an alternating 1-1-1 and 1-2-1 layout. Photo: Lufthansa
777x interior
Every seat will have access to direct aisle access in the new Lufthansa 777X business cabin. Photo: Lufthansa

Other 777X cabins

In addition to the Lufthansa cabin, we also know what British Airways are likely to introduce their new business class suite onto their ordered 777X aircraft. The new British Airways suite will see the dated business class currently employed by the airline receiving a well-deserved upgrade. The new British Airways business suite will be installed on six aircraft this year. This includes four new A350-1000 aircraft as well as two older Boeing 777-200s. New aircraft delivered to British Airways will have the business suite.

777X interior
British Airways’ Boeing 777X aircraft will include the new business class suites. Photo: British Airways

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