Boeing Wins The Most Orders At The Farnborough Air Show


With the Farnborough Air Show closing this week it’s time to tally up the total amount of orders for both Airbus and Boeing. This year has been especially interesting as the trade war heats up between the United States and the rest of the world, separating Airbus and Boeing by more than just competitors divide but international relations as well. This is reflected by the fact that China has not ordered a single Boeing plane this year.

Boeing said it had won 528 orders and commitments at this week’s Farnborough Airshow, while Airbus reported 431 new deals. A total of $110 billion in sales in just one weekend.

AirAsia X orders A330-900neo

Significant orders

The show opened with AirAsia X increasing its Airbus order by another 34 A330 planes, as part of the expansion of its international division. This is a relief as Airbus has been suffering from Boeing’s newer 787 Dreamliner stealing customers away, as we saw by Hawaii airlines cancelling the Airbus A330 order and buying 10 Boeing 787’s instead.


Boeing has won the award for the largest order at the Farnborough Air Show, securing 100 737 max’s from Vietjet Air. Boeing’s total line up that was ordered, is (deep breath) 319 737s, 14 747s, 20 767s, 24 777s and 83 787s.

United Airways continued its praise for the B787 Dreamliner by purchasing another four. This is twinned by Vistara becoming the first Indian operator of the 787 Dreamliner with six orders.

Boeing also won on the freight air front, securing sales of 34 craft from Volga DPNER’, as well as an order from DHL for 11 new air freighters. Additionally, Air Lease Corp has made a deal for almost $10 billion to buy 78 new Boeing planes. As Qatar continues to suffer in the Gulf crisis, Qatar Airways has purchased an additional order worth $1.7 Billion for five B777 freighters.


Airbus did not miss out, winning a $5.5 billion order (60 Airbus A220-300) from the new U.S. start-up airline being launched by the founder of Jet Blue, David Neeleman. JetBlue also bought the same jets last week. Plus they also secured a 50 jet deal for the single-aisle A321 from Vietjet.

Due to the trade war, Airbus has won big in China, winning a 10 (A350) Jet deal from Sichuan Airlines. Starlux, the new Taiwanese startup, has committed to 23.4 billion deal for five A350-900s and 12 A350-1000s.

A350-900 Starlux
Airbus has won big orders in China

LEVEL continues to rival to Norwegian Air by ordering another two A330’s.


A hidden order for 10 more A320neos was placed by Saudi Golf in the closing hours of the event.

Airbus’s total order from the show was 60 A220-300s, 304 A320 family aircraft, 42 A330neos and 25 A350s.

An interesting fact is the majority of orders have not come from Airlines but plane leasing companies. These firms buy new planes then rent them out to airlines to operate, reducing the risk for Airlines. At the Farnborough Air Show, we saw an order of 80 A320’s for a leasing company who plans to rent out the jets to Wizz, Ryan Air and other airlines.

We shall start to see these new planes delivered from the beginning of 2019.