President Trump Adds Brazil To List Coronavirus Travel Ban

United States President Donald Trump has added new travel restrictions on Brazil. The May 24th proclamation denies entry into the United States for foreign nationals coming from Brazil. This move comes as the coronavirus outbreak worsens in South America’s most populous country.

President Trump has added new travel restrictions for Brazil. Photo: LATAM

New travel restrictions on Brazil

The White House announced the new restrictions on Brazil. Johns Hopkins University recorded over 340,000 cases of coronavirus in the country– the second-highest in the world behind the United States. Cases have been on a strong upward trend in the South American country for the last month.

The proclamation suspends entry for foreign nationals from entering the United States if they have physically come from Brazil in the last 14 days. Commerce, however, remains open. The new restrictions do not apply to US citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate family members.

Foreign nationals will need to spend at least 14 days outside of Brazil to gain entry into the United States. Photo: Getty Images

The restrictions go into effect at 23:59 Eastern Time on May 28th. Passengers who depart Brazil before that time will be granted entry into the United States.

As grounds for this move, the proclamation stated:

“The potential for undetected transmission of the virus by infected individuals seeking to enter the United States from the Federative Republic of Brazil threatens the security of our transportation system and infrastructure and the national security”

Other countries with travel restrictions

Aside from Brazil, President Trump has previously restricted entry for foreign nationals coming from mainland China, Iran, the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. China was the first to enter the list with Iran, the EU, the UK, and Ireland came in March– with plenty of chaos.

Trump address coronavirus aviation getty images
In March, Trump placed significant travel restrictions on European countries. Photo: Getty Images

What will this mean for airlines?

Expect fewer flights between Brazil and the United States. Some airlines may maintain flights to facilitate the movement of cargo. However, passenger flights will especially be pared back. There is no sunset date for the proclamation.

Azul Getty
Azul previously planned to start flights to New York from Sao Paulo. Photo: Getty Images.

Brazil is known for its excellent culture and beaches. Thus, it is a big tourist destination while also being a center for commerce. Most US flights fly into Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. As a result of this order, travel demand will likely remain low for the next few months leading to either reduced flights or the continuation of suspended flights. It may take a few days for airlines to update their schedules, so keep a lookout on your itinerary if you are scheduled to fly to Brazil.

Some airlines, such as Delta, have expressed interest in resuming flights to Brazil. Those plans, however, may now need to be revisited.

Will more countries come to the list?

South America is starting to become the next global hotspot for the coronavirus. In the future, it would not be surprising to see President Trump’s proclamation extend to other countries. Although, compared to Brazil, most other Latin American countries are taking some steps to mitigate the spread of the virus.

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