Breaking: First Lady’s Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing Due To Smoke

Over the last two hours what should have been a routine trip for the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) turned into drama when her flight from Andrews Air Force Base to Philadelphia had to turn around and make an emergency landing.

First Lady plane emergency

The incident was broken on Twitter via CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller. According to reports, the plane took off okay but soon a light smoke began to fill the cabin. According to the press pack on board, a “thin haze of smoke” was visible in the cabin, and they could smell something burning. Journalists were given wet towels to breathe through as the plane turned around and began to head back to Andrews AFB. The problem developed about 10 minutes after takeoff.

First Lady Plane Emergency

The plane safely landed around 9 AM at Andrews and all passengers and crew including the First Lady disembarked. Clearly, the situation was well under control and the disembarkation was not rushed, but at a totally normal pace.

Emergency aboard First lady's aircraft

Sources including the First Lady’s press office have confirmed that her plane suffered a mechanical issue and was forced to return to Andrews AFB and make an emergency landing. After landing another aircraft was prepared for the First Lady, and she has already boarded and begun her journey.

First Lady Plane Emergency

Sources stress that the issue was a minor mechanical one and at no time was anyone’s life, including the First Lady’s, in danger.

Executive One Foxtrot

The plane carrying Mrs Trump would have the call sign Executive One Foxtrot. The Executive One is the call sign of any aircraft carrying the President of the United States. However, when the President is not on board but a member of his family is, the call sign changes to Executive One Foxtrot. In this case the Foxtrot stands for ‘Family’.