Breeze Airways Reveals First Flights With Tickets On Sale

Breeze Airways has revealed its initial offering of routes and schedules. Focusing heavily on the Eastern and Southeastern United States, Breeze Airways is sticking to its point-to-point model and starting with its Embraer E190 aircraft. The first flights will run on May 27th.

Breeze E190
Breeze Airways has finally revealed its full route plans, and tickets are on sale now. Photo: Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways reveals routes

Below is the full route map Breeze intends to fly by the end of this summer:

Breeze initial routes
Breeze’s route network. Photo: Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways will fly from the following cities starting on the following days:

  • Tampa, Florida from May 27th
  • Charleston, South Carolina, from May 27th
  • Hartford, Connecticut, from May 27th
  • Louisville, Kentucky, from May 28th
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma from June 4th
  • Norfolk, Virginia, from June 10th
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas, from June 17th
  • Akron/Canton, Ohio, from June 26th
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from July 1st
  • Columbus, Ohio, from July 3rd
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, from July 8th
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from July 8th
  • Richmond, Virginia, from July 8th
  • San Antonio, Texas, from July 15th
  • Huntsville, Alabama, from July 15th
  • Providence, Rhode Island, from July 22nd

Most of these airports are secondary airports in the United States that see relatively limited air services on point-to-point, nonstop routes.

The full list of routes is as follows

From Tampa:

  • Charleston, SC (starting May 27)
  • Louisville, KY (May 28)
  • Tulsa, OK (June 4)
  • Norfolk, VA (June 10)
  • Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR (June 17)
  • Akron/Canton, OH (June 26)
  • Oklahoma City, OK (July 1)
  • Columbus, OH (July 3)
  • Huntsville, AL (July 22)
  • Richmond, VA (July 22)

From Charleston:

  • Hartford, CT (starting May 27)
  • Tampa, FL (May 27)
  • Louisville, KY (May 28)
  • Norfolk, VA (June 10)
  • Akron/Canton, OH (July 8)
  • Columbus, OH (July 8)
  • New Orleans, LA (July 8)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (July 8)
  • Richmond, VA (July 8)
  • Huntsville, AL (July 15)
  • Providence, RI (July 22)

From Norfolk:

  • Charleston, SC (starting June 10)
  • Tampa, FL (June 10)
  • New Orleans, LA (July 15)
  • Columbus, OH (July 22)
  • Hartford, CT (July 22)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (July 22)
  • Providence, RI (July 29)

From New Orleans:

  • Charleston, SC (starting July 8)
  • Akron/Canton, OH (July 15)
  • Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR (July 15)
  • Huntsville, AL (July 15)
  • Louisville, KY (July 15)
  • Norfolk, VA (July 15)
  • Oklahoma, OK (July 15)
  • Richmond, VA (July 15)
  • Tulsa, OK (July 15)
  • Columbus, OH (July 16)

The final routes are the following:

  • Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR, and San Antonio, TX (July 15)
  • San Antonio, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK (July 15)
  • Tulsa, OK, and San Antonio, TX (July 15)
  • Hartford, CT, and Columbus, OH (July 22)
  • Pittsburgh, PA, and Hartford, CT (July 22)
  • Providence, RI, and Pittsburgh, PA (July 29)
Breeze E190
All summer routes will run onboard Embraer aircraft. Photo: Breeze Airways

The fare options

Fares will start at $39 on the routes and come in two categories: “Nice” and “Nicer.” Nice is the base fare, whereas Nicer gets more perks.

If you book a Nice fare, you will not have to pay any change or cancel fees and will receive a reusable credit if you cancel. This credit is good for up to 24 months. All base fares come with a personal item, and you earn BreezePoints on 2% of your spend on the airline.

Breeze E190
Breeze Airways will start with a single-class layout on its planes. Photo: Breeze Airways

Nicer fares come with the same perks as the Nice fare, but with a 4% earning of BreezePoints. Nicer fares also come with one complimentary checked bag, an extra-legroom seat, drink and snack, and priority boarding.

Breeze is selling standard economy and extra-legroom economy sections on its aircraft.

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Betting big on the south

When all is said and done, New Orleans, Tampa, and Charleston will be some of the biggest winners with routes, followed by Norfolk and Columbus. Tampa to Charleston is the inaugural route and was previously the only known route on Breeze’s radar.

Breeze Airways is coming big to those cities while neglecting some other strongholds for now. Breeze will have no presence in the Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Dallas, or Houston metro areas, to name a few of the fastest-growing or most important marketplaces.

Breeze E190
Breeze will have some gaps in its network, though that is expected for startup carriers. Photo: Breeze Airways

Breeze will continue to grow, especially with its sizable order book for Airbus A220s. For now, most people in the US will need to get in their car and drive to a destination or else wait a little longer for Breeze Airways to grow.

This summer, Breeze will fly 13 Embraer jets. Ten of them will be 108-seat Embraer E190s, and three will be 118-seat Embraer E195s. The Airbus A220s will start arriving this October and will be used on flights longer than two hours.

The Airbus A220s will, very interestingly, come with a premium cabin in a 2-2 configuration. This is missing on the Embraer E190s and will be called the “Nicest” cabin.

Are you going to book any of these Breeze Airways routes? Let us know in the comments!