The Story Of Breeze Airways: Why The Airline Changed Its Name From Moxy

Breeze Airways’ first flight landed earlier today. The Embraer E195 touched down in Charleston, South Carolina from Tampa, Florida, to kick off the startup’s operations. The aircraft was the first plane to be delivered to the airline, arriving in October 2020 in Breeze’s fresh livery. Amid this progress, Simple Flying spoke with Gianfranco “Panda” Beting, the man behind the branding of the new outfit, about the launch.

Breeze Aircraft
Breeze is looking to create a stir in the regional market. Photo: Breeze Airways

Consulting the right minds

Beting is a household name in global aviation. The Brazil-born entrepreneur has released a series of books about the industry and has been behind the growth of airlines such as Brazil’s Azul, where he was co-founder and brand, product and communications director. Moreover, he is presently a branding, marketing and communications consultant for aviation-related companies.

Already having a strong relationship with Breeze’s leadership, such as CEO David Neeleman, he could be trusted to deliver a great brand for the new airline. Interestingly, the E195 that arrived from Beting’s former airline of Azul could have come in a very different livery if plans remained the same.

Readers of the site would be familiar with the name of Moxy, a moniker initially given to the new carrier in its infancy. However, at the turn of 2020, it became evident that the airline had gone in a different direction, referring to itself as Breeze.

Breeze Aircraft
Breeze will initially be flying with solely Embraer aircraft before taking on A220s later this year. Photo: Breeze Airways

Having to adapt

Beting explains that Neeleman and his group came to me and said, “we’re thinking about starting an airline and want you to create the brand.” This name was Moxy, which is in reference to the fact that it would take a lot of moxie to launch a carrier in the competitive climate at the time. However, the team soon had to change the name due to the existence of a hotel chain going by the same name across the United States. Therefore, an alternative title was needed.

“I first started with a list of names. On that very first list, Breeze was there because that was pretty much answering the original briefing, which was, ‘we want to make life easier for our customers. We want to make a flying experience that is seriously nice for the travelers.'” Beting told Simple Flying.

“So, we’re talking about something that needs to be easy, something that needs to be approachable, something that needs to be human. It’s got to be nice and easy. It’s got to be a Breeze.”

Breeze Airways
The aircraft would have been painted with different wording and even colors if the company didn’t have to go back to the drawing board.  Photo: Breeze Airways

No going back

There was notable opposition to the name. Even Neeleman himself wasn’t totally sold. However, as the decision-making team pondered over a list of over 100 names, time was starting to run out.

“Airbus started to put pressure on the livery. We wanted to see how the planes are going to be painted. That needed to be done by December 15th, 2019,” Beting added.

“The clock was ticking. So, we came up with the final winner.”

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Thus, as 2020 got underway, the airline was fully incarnated as Breeze. Beting is proud that of the name and what it represents. The businessman adds that the title can fit in seamlessly across different markets around the world. He is undoubtedly keeping a close eye on the progress of the carrier now that operations are underway.

What are your thoughts about Breeze Airways and its name? Are you looking to fly with the airline this year? Let us know what you think of the carrier in the competition.