Wow: 80% Of Breeze Airways’ Summer Routes Have No Competition

Breeze Airways is gearing up for its launch. Its founder and CEO, David Neeleman, spoke about the airline’s schedules. While he did not name specifics, Mr. Neeleman indicated that 80% of the airline’s summer schedules have no nonstop competition. This is an impressive number that could spell the recipe for success.

Breeze Airwyas
A large majority of Breeze AIrways’ planned summer routes have no nonstop competition. Photo: Breeze Airways

Breeze plans summer schedule

Speaking at the World Aviation Festival, Mr. Neeleman was asked about the summer schedule’s available seat miles (ASMs) and generating traffic. He stated the following:

“80% of the ASMs on our summer schedule have no nonstop competition. So, what happens in that case is that you generate maybe 6, 7, 8, up to 10 times more traffic than you actually take from everyone else.

“If you’re in a really small market, we’re not talking about just medium-sized markets, we’re talking about small markets, where maybe you connect through a hub and it would have taken you three hours to get there. Now we can get you there in an hour and 15 minutes.”

Breeze stays true to its mission

Breeze has consistently stated its focus will be building up a route network that targets smaller and medium-sized cities. Of particular interest are those which had either lost air service over the last few years amid market consolidation or else had too little air service. Its focus is on nonstop point-to-point routes.

From a revenue perspective, having fewer competitors on a route is usually better. Assuming there is enough demand to service those routes, airlines can typically get a revenue premium for nonstop routes over connecting itineraries.

While Breeze Airways is still planning to focus on offering lower-cost travel, it could perhaps price out some nonstop itineraries slightly higher than connecting itineraries in the hope that passengers will pay a slight premium for a nonstop operation.

Breeze has billed itself as operating new nonstop routes as a “nice” carrier. Photo: Breeze Airways

Not planning to compete with JetBlue

Mr. Neeleman’s most well-known venture to date has been JetBlue. Currently, a large airline out of New York, Boston, Florida, and California, the airline has made a reputation for offering mostly point-to-point services. It has also sought to provide a better customer experience than other airlines, and Mr. Neeleman is looking to replicate some of that customer satisfaction.

When asked if Breeze would end up overlap or competing with JetBlue, Mr. Neeleman said the following:

“I don’t think there’s going to be any overlap. There’s so many opportunities out there. JetBlue is a great airline. I don’t necessarily want to compete against them ever because now they’ve got a great product and great people. There are so many things that we can do. I don’t envision any overlap with JetBlue.”

The first routes will be relatively short, as Breeze Airways focuses on flying Embraer aircraft to start until it gets its Airbus A220s. The Embraer E190s and E195s, according to Mr. Neeleman, are better on shorter flights as, on longer flights, the aircraft’s fuel burn increases trip costs, which is something the carrier is seeking to avoid. The airline is running proving runs with the Embraer aircraft in advance of getting full regulatory approval to fly.

More announcements should come soon. In an email message, Breeze teased that it would reveal its first nonstop destinations and promotions soon. As the world waits for an announcement from Breeze Airways, it is pretty much set that the airline will be flying routes that most airlines currently are not flying.

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