Breeze Airways Will Begin Selling Flight Tickets Tomorrow

It’s official: Breeze Airways’ first tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 08:00 ET. The carrier has been notably quiet about its routes, which will finally be revealed tomorrow. The timing comes just days after Breeze received government approval.

Breeze Airways
Breeze has kept quiet about its exact schedules and routes, even days before it begins selling tickets and flying. Photo: Breeze Airways

Ready to go

On its Facebook page, Breeze Airways announced that it would begin selling tickets for its first route on 21st May at 08:00 Eastern Time. With just 17 hours to go, many are excited to see what all routes the airline will launch with, something which has been a well-guarded secret up until now.

The one detail we do know is that the carriers will likely inaugural route be Charleston, South Carolina to Tampa, Florida. This was tipped during an interview with founder David Neeleman earlier this month. However, the carrier has not put out any official statements about further services.

Breeze Airways
Breeze has kept many on the edge of their seats about its plans, which comes just weeks before the crucial summer season. Photo: Breeze Airways

However, the airline’s recent application for an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and interviews have told us some more about its plans.

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Nonstop, only

Breeze Airways is building its model around serving smaller, ‘forgotten’ cities with nonstop services around the United States. Unlike mainline carriers, which offer connections through their main or regional hubs, Breeze wants to make the travel experience seamless for everyone.

The carrier plans to launch services to 49 routes initially, focusing primarily on connecting the Sun Belt to the Rust Belt. These services will kick off from 15 airports, including Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, along with Charleston and Tampa. Three fare classes will be available on the all-economy planes: Nice, Nicer, and Nicest.

Breeze Nice. New. Nonstop
The airline summarizes its business pitch in just three words, with direct flights being the biggest allure. Photo: Breeze Airways

David Neeleman has also revealed that 80% of the carrier’s summer routes have no nonstop competition, giving it a huge boost. This means we can expect to see some underserved airports and cities among the routes.

There are also no more bureaucratic hurdles left to compete, with Breeze receiving its AOC five days ago. This means a launch of flights could be just days away for the startup airline.

Not competing, kind of

Currently, Breeze has taken delivery of four leased aircraft: two ERJ-190s and two ERJ-195s. While these planes will help the carrier kick off operations, eventually the Airbus A220 will become the flagship.

The airline has 60 A220-300s currently on order and could be considering purchasing even more soon. The delivery of these jets will begin soon as well, boosting fleet size.

Breeze Airways Will Begin Selling Flight Tickets Tomorrow
Breeze will launch with four Embraer ERJs before the A220s arrive. Photo: Breeze Airways

Over the last few months, several US carriers have been asked about potential competition from Breeze. Most have brushed off the competition, focusing on their operations instead. While Breezes’ business model differs from other airlines, it could well become a formidable competitor on some routes very soon.

What do you think about Breeze’s launch plans? Will you fly with them? Let us know in the comments!