British Airways Boeing 747 Bursts A Tire Landing In Denver

A British Airways Boeing 747 suffered an issue on landing in Denver on Friday evening. After an uneventful flight from London, the aircraft burst a tire while making contact with the runway.

British Airways, Boeing 747, Denver
A British Airways Boeing 747 suffered a burst tire landing in Denver. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Burst tires during take-off and landing aren’t a laughing matter. In fact, a burst tire contributed to the 2000 Concorde tragedy in Paris. However, thankfully the consequences aren’t usually as severe. This was the case with a Boeing 747 belonging to British Airways. The aircraft burst a tire on landing, then safely rolled off of the runway where it was met by emergency services.

British Airways flight 219

British Airways’ flight 219 is the outbound leg of a daily rotation between London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Denver International Airpot (DEN). The flight is scheduled to take 9-hours and 55-minutes, however, it can take anything from between 8-hours and 40 minutes and 9-hours and 56-minutes according to

The flight is scheduled to depart at 14:40 and, after the 4,670 mile trip as the crow flies, arrive at 17:30. On Friday, the aircraft was late departing London, departing at 15:37. This represents around one hour of delay.

The flight from London to Denver proceeded without incident. With a flight time of 9-hours and 29 minutes, the aircraft landed at 18:06. However, while landing, one of the aircraft’s tires blew. As a result, the aircraft rolled off of the runway and came to a stop on the EC taxiway according to the Aviation Herald.

British Airways, Boeing 747, Denver
According to data, the aircraft came to a stop around here. Image:

The aircraft came to a rest at around 18:10, where the emergency services came to deal with it. Data from suggests that the aircraft remained where it stopped for at least half an hour, presumably while the emergency services dealt with it. One twitter user suggested that the aircraft had been on the ground for over two hours before passengers were allowed to disembark.

Comments on Twitter suggest that passengers had to return to Denver the next morning to collect their luggage. However, problems on the ground led to delays in this process.

Still in Denver

The aircraft is still in Denver at the time of writing (Monday 4th October 2019 – 09:30UTC). However, the reason for the delayed re-entry to service is not related to the burst tire.

While the tires were changed quickly, the aircraft had some preplanned maintenance scheduled to take place in Denver according to a British Airways representative. Simple Flying was assured that this preplanned maintenance was unrelated to the burst tire incident. As a result of the maintenance, there was no return flight to London on Friday from Denver.

British Airways, Boeing 747, Denver
The nose gear of a British Airways Boeing 747. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

When contacted for comment the airline told us:

“We apologised to our customers for the delay to their travels following a mechanical issue with a tyre on our aircraft. Our crew looked after our customers until it was safe to disembark and provided refreshments. All of our customers disembarked safely.”

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