British Airways To Paint Boeing 747 In Their Iconic Landor Livery

Great news for Heathrow aviation spotters today, as British Airways announces the latest in their series of retro repaints. Today the airline announced that the latest repaint will consist of a Boeing 747 sporting the Landor livery. This was last seen on an aircraft back in 1997, preceding the current Livery.

This comes as British Airways celebrate their centenary year this year. Along with a number of events, the airline is recognising its heritage by recreating a number of liveries not seen for many years. In February, the first retro livery landed at British Airways’s main hub, Heathrow.

The next British Airways B747 to be repainted will receive the Landor livery. Photo: British Airways

4 Special Liveries

BA is set to repaint a total of four aircraft in retro liveries as part of the centenary celebrations. This started with a B747, registered G-BYGC, which received a BOAC livery. This landed in Heathrow for the first time sporting the new livery on February 18th.

The next aircraft set to receive the retro treatment is an A319, registered as G-EUPJ. That aircraft entered the paint shop back on 23rd February to recieve a BEA livery. British Airways is yet to reveal a date for the aircraft’s return.

A B747 wearing a special BOAC livery returned to service on 18th of February. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Landor Next

The next aircraft to be repainted in a retro British Airways livery is another B747, this time registered as G-BNLY. This aircraft entered the paint shop in Dublin on Monday (25th February. It took two weeks to repaint the BOAC B747. As such, we are unlikely to see G-BNLY emerge before 11th March.

What makes the repaint of G-BNLY more significant than the other retro repaints is that this particular aircraft has previously worn the livery it is to be repainted in! When it previously wore the Landor livery, it was known as the “City of Swansea”, and as such will regain that name. G-BNLY will wear the Landor livery until it is retired in 2023. Yesterday British Airways purchased a number of B777-9 aircraft to replace the B747 fleet.

The Landor livery was last seen on a British Airways aircraft in 1997. Photo: Pedro Aragão / Wikimedia

Alex Cruz, the current chairman of British Airways, said: “We’re really thrilled to announce Landor as the latest iconic scheme to join the fleet as part of our centenary celebrations and we’re sure this excitement will be reflected around the world.”

What’s next?

While British Airways has confirmed that one more aircraft will receive a heritage livery, they haven’t confirmed anything beyond this. However, this hasn’t stopped rumours spreading on the internet. Many believe that the next and final livery to be painted will be the Negus livery. This was in service between 1974-1985, before the Landor livery. Again, it is expected that this will be applied to a B747. British Airways has confirmed that all new aircraft will be delivered in the current Chatham Dockyard livery.

What do you think the final livery will be? Let us know in the comments down below!