British Airways Boeing 787-10s – Everything You Need To Know

Next month British Airways will receive its first Boeing 787-10. The aircraft will be the last of the three Boeing 787 variants that the British flag carrier will take delivery of from 2020 onwards. It will additionally be the last new aircraft type to join the fleet until the Boeing 777X.

British Airways, Boeing 787, Guide
British Airways will receive its first Boeing 787-10 next month. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Of a total order of 42 Boeing 787 aircraft, British Airways has currently received 30. This includes all 12 of the Boeing 787-8 ordered, along with all 18 of the airline’s Boeing 787-9 order. Now, all that remains of the airline’s Dreamliner order is 12 787-10s, with delivery set to commence next year. Let us take a look at what to expect!

Inside the aircraft

British Airways’ Boeing 787-10 will be delivered with four cabins installed. These will be the carrier’s usual four cabins. First, Club World, World Traveller Plus, and World Traveller. Judging by the layout of the aircraft, it will be fairly premium heavy with around half of the aircraft taken up by First and Club World.

British Airways, Boeing 787, Guide
The Boeing 787-10’s seat plan. Photo: British Airways

At the front of the cabin is the first-class cabin, consisting of 8 seats in two rows of 1-2-1. Interestingly, these seats do not offer a door, unlike their business class companion.

British Airways, Boeing 787, Guide
The cabin features eight first-class seats. Photo: British Airways

Located just behind this is the Club World cabin. This will feature the carrier’s new business class suite debuted on the brand new Airbus A350 earlier this year. In fact, the Boeing 787-10 will be the first aircraft to be delivered to British Airways with First and the new Club Suite already installed.

The cabin will be laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration like First, however, each passenger will get an enclosed suite. There will also be a small snacky area in the center for passengers to grab things. Why not find out what we thought of the new Club Suite?

British Airways, Boeing 787, Guide
It will be the first new aircraft to feature both First and the new Club Suite. Photo: British Airways

Moving further down the cabin we reach the World Traveller Plus, or premium economy, cabin. This features 35 seats in 5 rows of a 2-3-2 configuration.

British Airways, Boeing 787, Guide
The premium economy cabin will have a 2-3-2 layout. Photo: British Airways

Finally, just behind this and a set of toilets is the main economy cabin. This mostly consists of a nine-abreast layout of 3-3-3. There are 165 seats in total. 16 rows of 3-3-3 and three rows of 2-3-2 at the rear as the cabin begins to taper.

British Airways, Boeing 787, Guide
The main economy cabin will not be ten abreast as is pictured. Photo: British Airways

First route

The first Boeing 787-10 route to be announced by British Airways will see the aircraft heading to Atlanta. While this will launch in February, an exact date is yet to be confirmed by the airline. However, according to seat maps on, the aircraft is first scheduled to operate to Atlanta on the 25th of February. Of course, as is always the case this is subject to change, so be aware!

Other details

Despite what we do know, some details about the new aircraft remain tightly under wraps. British Airways is yet to announce the aircraft’s registration and date of delivery. However, we do know that it will be delivered in January, and is not scheduled to fly until late February. In the meantime, it is possible that the aircraft could end up in service sooner. Perhaps flying to Madrid for crew training in the meantime as the Airbus A350 did.

Will you be looking to fly on British Airways’ brand new Boeing 787-10? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!