British Airways Delays Airbus A350 Arrival

British Airways was today unfortunately forced to delay the delivery of its first Airbus A350. The tough decision was made due to severe disruption experienced at Heathrow Airport earlier today.

British Airways Airbus A350 Delivery postponed
The arrival of BA’s first A350-1000 has been postponed. Photo: Airbus

Today British Airways was due to welcome the Airbus A350 to its fleet. However, the weather, along with ATC restrictions, had other ideas. Unfortunately, British Airways was forced to cancel the event around two hours before the A350 was due to land at Heathrow. The airline did not feel it could justify using a slot for an empty aircraft when passenger aircraft needed to use it.

Delayed arrival

While it may seem as though the Airbus A350-1000 delivery was cancelled, this is not the case. In fact, the delivery has merely been delayed by a day or two. The aircraft, G-XWBA, had been expected to fly from Toulouse to London this afternoon. However, Simple Flying had maintained that this could always change due to unexpected circumstances.

While nobody thought that unexpected circumstances would occur they, unfortunately, did in this instance. However, it is not the end of the world. While it may be upsetting to some who made the effort to come to Heathrow, it seems as though British Airways cancelled the flight with the best intentions.

What now?

It is currently thought that the Airbus A350 will be delivered to British Airways sometime this weekend. Maybe tomorrow. This is, however, unconfirmed at this point by British Airways.

Simple Flying is currently expecting to attend a welcome event for the aircraft on Monday. Here we expect to photograph the aircraft, in addition to its interior. However, this could be subject to change as today was, and is also yet to be confirmed by the airline.

Was it the right call?

Given the circumstances, I do feel that ultimately British Airways did make the right call by cancelling the event. As such, I do support them in their decision despite how disappointing it may seem. Just imagine how annoyed you would feel if your summer holiday was cancelled in order to show off a new aircraft.

Airbus A350 Delivery British Airways Delayed
The Simple Flying team did eventually see an Airbus A350 landing at Heathrow. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

As disappointing as the cancellation may seem, British Airways will always have the final say. In this case, they made the decision to prioritise passengers over people not flying. Ultimately, I think British Airways made the right call. At the end of the day, what does it matter if the aircraft comes today or tomorrow? It should still enter service as planned on the 5th of August.

What do you think of the delay to British Airways’ first Airbus A350? Let us know in the comments!