British Airways Adds A380 Flights To Dallas, San Francisco, & Singapore

British Airways has added several new Airbus A380 routes to its flight plan for the summer 2022 IATA flight schedule. According to, flights are due to start serving Dallas Fort Worth, San Francisco, and Singapore from the start of the summer schedule in late March 2021.

British Airways, Airbus A380, Doha
British Airways has scheduled A380 flights to Dallas, San Francisco, and Singapore. Photo: Getty Images

A year ago, it looked as though British Airways might never bring the Airbus A380 back, with aircraft being sent out to long-term storage around the world. Earlier this year, the airline’s CEO Sean Doyle revealed we would see the jet return to service, and on Monday, the airline operated its first A380 flight in over a year, heading to Frankfurt and then Madrid.

More A380 destinations planned

It seems as though British Airways is planning to put even more Airbus A380s into service with the start of the Summer 2022 schedule. According to Cirium, and confirmed by, British Airways has daily A380 flights scheduled to both San Francisco and Singapore from March 27th onwards.

Interestingly, One Mile At A Time spotted that Dallas is also scheduled as a daily Airbus A380 flight from March 27th, as reflected on Cirium data is updated once a week and currently doesn’t list Dallas, suggesting it was a recent addition to the schedule (since Saturday).

British Airways, Airbus A380, San Francisco
British Airways has more destinations planned from April. Photo: Cirium

When British Airways was first rumored to be bringing the giant back, Head For Points had revealed that there were internal plans to bring the jet back to Dallas Fort Worth from early December, but that the airport’s infrastructure wasn’t quite ready for the vast aircraft yet.

Subject to change

As always, when booking flights so far in advance, it is always possible that the aircraft could be swapped, with Head For Points reporting,

“You have NO RIGHTS if British Airways swaps your flight back to [another aircraft]”

As such, if you are booking any flights specifically for the Airbus A380, you should be aware that British Airways could ultimately change the aircraft for a different type, such as the Airbus A350, Boeing 777, or Boeing 787. This is increasingly likely at the moment, given the rapid situational changes prompted by the evolution of COVID-19.

British Airways, Airbus A380, San Francisco
BA’s A380 is already flying again, seen here departing from Frankfurt yesterday. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Interestingly, the current Airbus A380 schedule loaded into the booking engine only runs until the end of February 2022. This sees British Airways sending the giant to Dubai, Los Angeles, and Miami from December, with Johannesburg replacing Los Angeles in January.

Given that Dallas has been recently added, it would suggest that the airline is planning where it wants to send the A380 next summer but has yet to update its schedule for most of March. It seems incredibly unlikely that the airline would temporarily ground the jet once more for a month before launching a bunch more destinations.

Are you excited to see that British Airways is planning to add further Airbus A380 destinations? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!