Is British Airways Angling The Airbus A350 As Its New Flagship?

British Airways today revealed a new advertising campaign targetted at its return to service following months of harsh UK travel restrictions banning all but essential travel. With the Boeing 747 leaving the fleet last year, the position of the airline’s flagship is open, and it seems as though the Airbus A350 may be tipped for that role.

British Airways, Airbus A350, Flagship Aircraft
The Airbus A350 aircraft features in British Airways’ latest ad campaign. Photo: British Airways

A new advertising campaign

British Airways today revealed its brand new advertising campaign called “You make us fly”. The campaign aims to reassure and welcome back travelers who may not have flown for over a year and emphasize their importance to the airline.

The advert focuses on British Airways employees rushing back to work with a “British sense of urgency”. It features the airline’s iconic Flower Duet music. The airline didn’t look far for the talent employed in the campaign. All the actors are from the British Airways family, except two stunt actors who slide down a banister and ride a moped through a field.

The campaign comes at the end of a challenging year for Aviation, and indeed the world. A year ago, the airline’s previous CEO, Alex Cruz, revealed that it was the worst crisis faced by the airline in its 100-year history. Since then, it hasn’t gotten any better. Tomorrow the UK government is due to reveal which countries will be on its green travel list. Tomorrow will also see the debut of the new advert on UK television. It will air during the ad breaks of Gogglebox. You can watch how the advert was made below,

A new flagship for British Airways?

Following the retirement of the Concorde, the Boeing 747 edged its way in as the flagship of British Airways, becoming an icon for many both within and outside British Airways. Last year, the airline decided to retire its 31 remaining Jumbo Jets.

With the retirement of the airline’s 747 fleet, the position of British Airways’ flagship has opened. With the Airbus A350 featuring throughout the current advertising campaign, it is clear that British Airways wants to highlight its newest aircraft type. After all, it could’ve reused the Boeing 787 Dreamliner featured in the airline’s 2019 #BA100 campaign. But could the A350 realistically become the British flag carrier’s new flagship?

British Airways, Airbus A350, Flagship Aircraft
Apart from two stunt performers, all the actors in the advert were from the British Airways family. Photo: British Airways

Simple Flying posed the question to Julian Marshall, who used to fly the Queen of the Skies before recently retraining for the Boeing 787. Marshall, who features in the advert, told Simple Flying that it would be difficult to replace the jumbo jet. He also revealed that the flagship of an airline is as much to do with its public perception, as an airline’s decision, with all of the airline’s widebody aircraft playing an important role.

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Whether it’s the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or the Airbus A350-1000s, it seems almost certain that one of its clean and green next-generation jets will eventually become the airline’s new flagship in the wake of the 747.

Which aircraft do you think will become the new British Airways flagship? What do you make of the “You make us fly” ad campaign? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!