British Airways To Send Remaining A380s To French Aircraft Graveyard

British Airways is to ferry its remaining Airbus A380 aircraft to France for storage. Last week, the British flag carrier already flew six of its fleet of 12 A380s to the French airport of Chateauroux for long term storage.

British Airways, Airbus A380, Aircraft Graveyard
British Airways is understood to be storing its remaining Airbus A380s. Photo: Getty Images

Last week British Airway ferried six of its twelve Airbus A380 aircraft to a French aircraft graveyard. However, while Chateauroux does offer aircraft end of life services, Simple Flying understands that these aircraft are destined for long term storage. However, in a Facebook post, Chateauroux Airport confirmed that the remaining British Airways A380s at Heathrow Airport will also be ferried south.

Chateauroux storage

British Airways has been storing a number of its aircraft, both short- and long-haul aircraft. Two weeks ago the carrier ferried five Boeing 747s to a Spanish Aircraft graveyard for storage.

However, last week it became the turn of the mighty Airbus A380 to fly for storage. They are being flown to Chateauroux in France, an airport that British Airways sometimes uses for flight crew training. Chateauroux Airport released a video of the six A380s lined up on a taxiway:

These six aircraft represent half of the British Airways fleet. One remaining aircraft, G-XLEG, has been in Manila since early March. This leaves just five A380s remaining At London Heathrow. However, it seems as though this won’t be the case for much longer.

What was interesting was the text that the airport used to describe the video: “La moitié de la flotte A380 de British Airways a investi T2. Et ce n’est pas fini, ils seront bientôt rejoints par 5 autres appareils du même type.” This translates as:

Half of the British Airways A380 fleet has invested T2. And it’s not over, they will soon be joined by 5 other devices of the same type.

Simple Flying contacted British Airways regarding the story, however, a spokesperson was unable to confirm or offer a comment or confirm the story.

Lufthansa, Long Haul, Grounded
Six Airbus A380s won’t fly for Lufthansa again. Photo: Getty Images

Unneeded capacity

Unfortunately, due to the massive size of the Airbus A380, it isn’t particularly efficient given the current circumstances. Some airlines are utilizing the A380 for repatriation reasons. The aircraft can carry a large number of passengers, meaning it is great for such a mission.

However, when it comes to scheduled services, the A380 is the last aircraft that airlines want right now. As demand for flights has plummeted, it would be almost impossible to fill such an aircraft.

As such, most airlines are currently avoiding using the type. While some had already been retiring the A380, others have sped up its retirement. In fact, German carrier Lufthansa has gone as far as to immediately and permanently remove 6 A380s from its fleet.

When do you think British Airways will be able to bring the Airbus A380 out of storage? Let us know what you think and why in the comments.