British Airways Will Operate Las Vegas’ First Airbus A380 Service

Las Vegas will soon receive its first Airbus A380 service. British Airways is set to begin operating the giant aircraft to the Nevada city in January 2021. Later this year, the British flag carrier will also be operating San Jose’s first scheduled Boeing 747 service.

British Airways, Airbus A380, Las Vegas
British Airways is going to operate the first Airbus A380 service to Las Vegas. Photo: Getty Images

The Airbus A380 is a huge aircraft. In British Airways’ configuration, it seats a total of 469 passengers. With such a huge number of seats, the aircraft is perfect for stepping in when high capacities are required. This is the reason that the huge aircraft will be appearing in Nevada next January.

Big aircraft for big missions

The beauty of the Airbus A380 is its huge capacity. While some airlines aren’t super keen on the Airbus A380, it is an aircraft that works particularly well for British Airways. Last February, retiring IAG chief Willie Walsh told how happy he was with the aircraft. He mentioned,


“We’re pleased with [the A380], pleased we ordered the aircraft and we’re absolutely committed to continuing operating the 12 aircraft that we have in the fleet at the moment.” 


Indeed, prior to the suspension of the A380 program, Walsh had remarked that British Airways would take more A380s, but only at the right price.

British Airways, Airbus A380, Club Suite
British Airways will keep flying the Airbus A380 for the foreseeable future. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

A380 in Las Vegas

British Airways has tentatively scheduled the Airbus A380 to fly to Las Vegas next year. The aircraft would allow the airline to increase its capacity to the city during the CES technology show next January. This year the CES show saw Delta Air Lines announce a number of new things.


Of course, the scheduled flights are still a year away. As a result, there is always a small chance that the schedule could change. The aircraft is currently set to fly out to Las Vegas from Heathrow on January 2nd – January 10th at present (further dates are not currently available in BA’s booking portal). It will operate the following schedule:

  • BA 275 will depart from London Heathrow (LHR) at 16:15. It is then due to arrive in Las Vegas at 19:00.
  • BA 274 will depart from Las Vegas at 21:00. It is then due to arrive back in London at 14:45 the next day.

Speaking to Simple Flying, a British Airways representative commented:

“We always review our global network to make sure we’re meeting customer demand, particularly on popular routes at busy times of the year.”

Later this year, British Airways is operating another first flight. The airline will be the first to operate the Boeing 747 to San Jose on scheduled flights. There was a saying that San Jose would never get a Boeing 747 service, and as the 50-year-old aircraft is being phased out by airlines, this was looking more and more likely. However, British Airways is making it happen.

Would you like to fly to Las Vegas on British Airways’ Airbus A380? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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BA pricing policy has become as bad as Ryan Air. Charging for 1x 23kg hold bag is a DISGRACE and classless.
I’d rather use other airlines these days.


Lots of airlines do it these days, its not just BA.


I’m not trying to ‘big-up’ Ryanairs’ customer service or any other aspect of their ‘service’, but the FACT is that they have so very successfully ‘unbundled’ air-fares, that legacy airlines have been obliged to follow-suit.!
You pay for the things you want & can choose to not pay for the things you don’t need.
When you get to the final bill, that’s how much you’re going to pay……… + a credit or debit card fee of course…..!


You can choose your fare, you can choose your airline, you can choose the time, you can choose the cabin experience, you can just pay for a seat and carry-on if you wish, you can choose your seat or let the airline allocate, you can pay for flexibility, you can choose the cheapest or next available to when you want to travel. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH THE CHOICE YOU MADE – THEN MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE. THERE ARE PLENTY OF THEM.


I always use Virgin Atlantic.
God aircraft. On time. Pretty Hostesses. Clean cabins.

Why fly BA clapped out 30 year old heaps of fuel guzzling aircraft.


Landing at Las Vegas with nearly 450 passengers will be horrendous trying to clear border control !! It’s ridiculous now with nearly half that number.


Do I read this correctly? Well blow me down. For once, BA instead of Emirates is flying the first A380 to a new destination. Good on yer BA!

Chris gardner

I worked in term 5 for 25 years on the 747, and to see the a380 coming into the fleet is exiting for BA,

Robin Twells

i have flown on the A380 about six times, and in my view it is the most comfortable ,quietest,smoothist airliner i have ever flown on. And long may we see it flying across our skies