British Airways Has 49 Aircraft On Order: What Are The Plane Types?

United Kingdom national flag carrier British Airways is like other full-service carriers, constantly updating its fleet to meet future demand and take advantage of modern efficiencies. With that in mind, we thought we would look and see what the International Airlines Group (IAG)-owned airline is expecting to receive from the 49 orders it has placed with Airbus and Boeing.

BA Airbus A350-1000
British Airways have ten Airbus A350-1000 aircraft on order. Photo: British Airways

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, British Airways has hastened the retirement of particular aircraft like other airlines worldwide. Rather than keep them operational, British Airways decided to retire all its Boeing 747-400 aircraft four years earlier than planned. The oneworld alliance member also retired its last remaining Airbus A318 that it placed on its London City Airport (LCY) to New York City route. Regarding British Airways 12 Airbus A380s, they are currently parked and are not expected to return to service until passenger demand returns.

Orders for Airbus jets:

Currently, British Airways has 21 orders with the European planemaker for three types of aircraft:

  • 8 x Airbus A320-200Ns (NEO)
  • 3 x Airbus A321-200NXs (NEO)
  • 10 x Airbus A350-1000s

Airbus A320neo
Regarding the Airbus A320neo, the only significant difference is the quieter and more fuel-efficient LEAP-1A26 engines that give the plane a more extended range.

Airbus A321neo
The A321neo is a stretched version of the A320neo with more powerful LEAP-1A32 engines, a strengthened undercarriage, and larger tires. Some of the A321neos yet to be delivered will have larger overhead bins than the A320neo.

Picture shows A321 aircraft.
The A321neo is a stretched version of the A320neo. File photo of an A321. Photo: British Airways

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Airbus A350-1000

British Airways took delivery of its first Airbus A350 in July 2019 and began crew training with a series of flights between London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport (MAD). BA chose Madrid because fellow IAG-owned airlines Iberia already had A350s in its fleet and that its staff would be available to help with the training.

British Airways now has eight A350-1000s in its fleet and is expecting a further ten. Built with carbon composites, titanium, and aluminum alloys, the Airbus A350 is one of the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft.

Orders for Boeing aircraft:

British Airways has 28 planes on order with the Seattle planemaker for two types of aircraft: The Boeing 777-9 and the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 18 x Boeing 777-9s
  • 10 x Boeing 787-10s

Boeing 777-9

The Boeing 777-9- the longer variant of the 777X family,  is the latest development in twin-engine long-range widebody aircraft from Boeing. The large jet features the new, more powerful GE9X engines and folding wingtips that allow the plane to be used at more airports.

Of the two versions being built, the 777-9 can seat 426 passengers with a range of 7,285 nautical miles (13,500 kilometers). Although the aircraft first flew in January 2020, numerous production delays have resulted in deliveries pushed back until late 2023.

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner:

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner is a stretched version of Boeing’s popular 787-9 Dreamliner and will allow British Airways to carry as many as 256 passengers in four classes of service. The aircraft has a range of 6,345 nautical miles (11,750 kilometers). Currently, British Airways has two Boeing 787-10s in its fleet and will take delivery of a further ten in the next few years.

BA 787
BA already has two 787-10 Dreamliners. Photo: British Airways

All the information regarding British Airways’ future deliveries was taken from aviation data and statistics website ch-aviation.

Of British Airways’ future deliveries, which plane are you looking forward to flying on the most? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.