British Airways Announces Inaugural Airbus A350 Flight

British Airways has announced the inaugural flight date of its first Airbus A350-1000. The aircraft will fly from London to Madrid on the 5th of August carrying a host of special guests. Simple Flying will be on the extra special flight to keep you informed!

British Airways Airbus A350 Madrid Inaugural Flight
The first BA Airbus A350 will fly to Madrid on August 5th. Photo: Airbus

British Airways’ first Airbus A350-1000 will be the first aircraft in the airline’s fleet to feature the new Club World cabin. As such, many frequent flyers are eager to get a spot on the aircraft. Now, we finally know when the first flight will be.

August 5th

The first British Airways Airbus A350 flight will take place on August the 5th, 2019. The aircraft will fly from London to Madrid. However, this won’t be any ordinary flight as British Airways has a bit of a celebration planned.

The inaugural flight will see invited guests travelling to Madrid with British Airways CEO Alex Cruz. BA460 is currently being advertised as a Boeing 777 flight, however, this is due to operate the Airbus A350 service on August 5th.

British Airways Inaugural Airbus A350 Flight
Economy tickets are being sold for the flight in question. Photo: Google

Passengers are able to book tickets for the flight, however, only economy tickets are available, as the Club World cabin is blocked out for invited guests. As a result, this will give passengers the chance to ride on the first British Airways Airbus A350 service. However, those keen to try the new Club World seat are out of luck on this occasion.

As always, airline schedules are always subject to change. It should be noted that while this has been confirmed as the first Airbus A350 flight, the schedule still shows a Boeing 777. As such, anybody looking to book the flight is advised to do so with caution as it is always possible this could change.

The following days

Following the inaugural flight, British Airways is set to operate training flights between London and Madrid. British Airways is currently unable to confirm the London to Madrid schedule for the time being. They did, however, previously tell us:

We’re excited to welcome the first A350-1000 into our fleet this summer and it will operate to and from Madrid for several weeks. It will start to appear in our schedules soon, however, as with any flight the aircraft type planned to operate could change at any time.

London to Madrid Inaugural Airbus A350 flight
The inaugural Airbus A350 flight will fly from London Heathrow to Madrid. Photo: GCMaps

Early long haul debut

The British Airways Airbus A350 had been scheduled to make its long-haul debut in October flying to Canada. However, British Airways has moved the first flight forward. The first long haul flight of a BA A350 will now take place on the 2nd of September. It will operate to Dubai instead of Toronto.

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