British Airways Announces New Gatwick-Milan Bergamo Route

British Airways have launched flights from London Gatwick to Milan Bergamo starting on September 1, 2019.  The launch of the six-per-week flights brings British Airways’ weekly flight total between London and Milan to 62. It is British Airways’ first service to Milan from Gatwick, and the first and only BA service to Bergamo Airport.

Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral. Photo: Jiuguang Wang on Flickr

Where is Bergamo Airport and what is it like?

Bergamo Airport is around 35 miles from the center of Milan. It is arguably the least convenient of Milan’s three airports for access to the city. However, the airport provides convenient access to the town of Bergamo itself, the Lake District and even the Alps.

The airport is a small, single-runway, regional affair, serving mainly charter and low-cost airlines. The biggest airline to land at the airport currently are Irish LCC Ryanair.

Which aircraft will British Airways be using?

This is a flight that takes roughly two hours each way, which means BA’s short-haul workhorse, the Airbus A320, will be used. As usual, it will be impeccable food if you’re traveling in Club World and buy-on-board food for those in Euro Traveler.

Whilst nothing to write home about, flying on BA’s A320s is always a consistent, if not memorable, experience. Staff are courteous and efficient and the aircraft are usually in decent condition. Even if the planes used on this route are the ones already reconfigured from 168 to 180 seats, it’s a short enough flight that most passengers will be able to enjoy the trip without issue.

British Airways A320
British Airways will use the A320 for the new route. Photo: WIkimedia

What does the timetable look like?

Given it is British Airways’ only flight to this airport, the timings for the flights vary throughout the week. Flights on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays depart London in the mornings. The flight departs in the afternoon on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with returning flights arriving in London between 6:20 pm and 9:40 pm.

Even though BA’s press release seems to indicate these flights are primarily targeted at leisure travelers, they’ve designed the timetable in such a way that would make these flights convenient for business travelers too.


Timetable for BA2700 and BA2701. Photo:

Will there be lounge access?

BA’s press release made no mention of lounge access. However, as there is only one lounge at the airport, it may be safe to assume that Club World and Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald passengers will have complimentary access to it.

Other developments on the London-Milan Route

Travelers to Milan should also remember that Linate Airport will be closing from 27th July until 28th October. BA will fly to and from Malpensa with the same flight numbers and timetable during the closure.