British Airways Inaugurates Shortest Scheduled Boeing 777 Flight

British Airways has inaugurated the shortest scheduled Boeing 777 flight. The flight between Bahrain and Dammam lasts under half an hour, climbing to a maximum altitude of 6,000 feet.

British Airways, Bahrain, Dammam
British Airways has begun flights from Bahrain to Dammam. Photo: British Airways

Recently, we wrote about British Airways’ four-mile Boeing 747 flight from Cardiff to St Athan. However, this was not a regular flight; rather a final retirement flight for the aircraft. Having been stripped at BA’s heavy maintenance base, the aircraft was transferred to its final resting place. Now, British Airways has launched a new flight which, at 30 miles as the crow flies, is scheduled to take place daily.

Limousine replacement

Prior to launching its Boeing 777 flight between Bahrain and Dammam on Sunday, British Airways already offered a connection between the two cities. This was accomplished by a limousine. First and business passengers got private cars, while economy passengers would have to share a ride.


According to Google Maps, the journey by car takes around one and a half hours with usual traffic. However, passengers will now have a much quicker connection, as they can remain on board the 777. This means that they won’t need to clear immigration in Bahrain, to clear Saudia Arabian immigration straight after.

British Airways, Bahrain, Dammam
The flight covers about 30 miles. Photo: British Airways

A short hop

The new connection between Bahrain and Dammam will drastically improve travel times for those flying between Dammam and London. However, British Airways has taken the decision to not operate the connection as a fifth freedom flight. This means that the airline is not selling tickets for travel on the 30-mile flight.

While it may seem crazy to fly a Boeing 777 from Bahrain to Dammam, it does surely make business sense for British Airways as opposed to paying for limousines. Speaking at the flight’s first arrival, Panagiotis Theodotou, British Airways’ Commercial Manager for Saudia Arabia, said,


“This new link underlines the importance of the Eastern province of the Kingdom and the need for smooth connections to the UK, Europe and the United States. We are thrilled to have added Dammam to our global network and we thank King Fahd Airport for the very warm welcome on the ground.”

British Airways, Bahrain, Dammam
The first flight took just 16 minutes. Image:

First connection

The first flight operated from Bahrain took just 16 minutes departing at 22:01. This was just 6 minutes behind schedule. However, the flight then touched down 30 miles away at 22:17, almost half an hour ahead of schedule. This flight was operated by a Boeing 777-200 registered as G-ZZZC. During the short from Bahrain to Dammam, the first flight didn’t actually pass 5,900 feet in altitude according to data from

What is the shortest Boeing 777 flight that you’ve been on board? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Brody Cyr

That’s just stupid if you want my opinion. You’ll spend more time boarding and de-boarding on both ends then you’d actually spend in the air.


Doesn’t matter if they make profit


Read the article, the passengers are staying on the plane and have to only pass through customs once.


The distance between Damman and Bahrain at 30 miles, is even shorter than the distance between London Gatwick and London Heathrow Airports (37.8 miles)

What next, will they be having scheduled flights between Heathrow and Gatwick ?


Why not..?? There used to be with the old Airlink service on Sikorsky S-61’s. It took 12-15 minutes and there were ten flights per day in each direction. It was brilliant and certainly far better than the usual day out on the M25 & M23.


I did not say that they should not do it, did I? Just asked what short flights they might introduce next.

Moaz Abid

you know, that’s not a bad idea. Use a Short haul plane or trains. Just like virgin trains


It’d make a hell of a lot of sense to do that.!
IMHO, having a 2 or 3 A320’s foodling between the 5 ‘peripheral’ so-called London airports, would make the connectivity between those airports excellent AND make them collectively work much more like a single hub…… AND make Heathrow less important to specifically fly into or out of.!

Adam Simmons

“The new connection between Bahrain and Dammam will drastically improve travel times for those flying between Dammam and London. ” If ‘dramatically’ means by less than an hour, you’re right. KLM offer a DAM-AMS-LON fare for a fraction of the BA price and in under 10 hours (BA’s DAN-BAH-LHR service is showing as 9 hours and 10 minutes). You’ve also failed to mention that DAM airport is some 36km from the city centre (78km for BAH), so the NET driving distance from BAH to Dammam city is just 42km. “While it may seem crazy to fly a Boeing 777 from… Read more »


I find it strange that will all the measures that civilians are forced to take by governments not a single word is spoken about the climate. Isn't it strange that airlines can do whatever they want without having to take any responsibility for environmental impact?


Because one flight doesn’t make a whit of difference to the climate. This is idiotic.

In 20 years, people will mock this flight shaming BS, just as we now all laugh about the pet rock that was so popular in the 1970’s.


Remy People often get very much the wrong idea about aircraft emissions…… The scary projection, is that the emissions will rise from 2% of ALL the Worlds production, to 4%.! This is based upon 2 premises; 1. That flights will increase in number significantly, due to the increased prosperity of what we would regard as 2nd & 3rd World nations, 2. That as other areas of carbon-fuel powered businesses reduce their emissions, aviation will not.! Transport in general currently produces around 30% of All the Worlds emissions. Aviation itself is still ‘only’ responsible for around 2% of that & with… Read more »


With Qatar Airways, I been on B777 from Casablanca CMN to Marakesh RAK for a bit more than 20 mins.


I have just finished working in the Kingdom of Bahrain for nearly 2 years and flying to Dubai on a 777 for around 50 minutes regularly. Flights nearly always full except for 2;30 am flight. You also received the great Emirates service including a snack, as a Qantas frequent flyer the cabin crew even had time to greet you once you were seated. Amazing don’t even get that on Qantas !!