British Airways Announces First Boeing 787-10 Route

British Airways has announced its first Boeing 787-10 route. The British flag carrier will operate the aircraft to Atlanta before any other destination. The first of the type will be delivered in January, with eight expected during 2020.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Atlanta
British Airways has announced that its first Boeing 787-10 route will be Atlanta. Photo: Boeing

In August, British Airways debuted its first Airbus A350 to Madrid. The aircraft is already losing its title as the new kid on the block. Early next year, the British flag carrier will take delivery of its first Boeing 787-10. The airline already operates the 787-8 alongside the Boeing 787-9. The addition of the 787-10 will mean the airline now operates the full 787 family.

Atlanta debut

While the Airbus A350 debuted with British Airways to Madrid, the Boeing 787-10 will probably be thrust straight into long haul flights. The aircraft is likely to debut to Atlanta in the United States of America once British Airways has taken delivery of it.


The Airbus A350 debuted on a fairly short route as it was a completely new aircraft to British Airways. It’s easier to iron out issues on a shorter route. Additionally, Madrid is already used to handling Iberia’s Airbus A350 aircraft, should any problems have arisen.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Atlanta
The airline also operates the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9. Photo: Tom Boon – British Airways

On the other hand, British Airways already has experience flying the Boeing 787, having two smaller models. The only difference is the length of the aircraft. As such, it probably won’t be necessary to carry out staff familiarisation or training on the new aircraft.

Club Suite vs First

The Boeing 787-10 will be the first aircraft to be delivered to British Airways with both the new Club Suite and first class fitted. However, with the new Club World Suite being arguably better than first class, does the first class cabin still matter? British Airways CEO Alex Cruz believes so.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, First Class
The Boeing 787-10 will come with the carrier’s new Club Suite cabin. Photo: British Airways

In August Mr. Cruz told Simple Flying that the airline’s refurbished Boeing 777s “will not have a brand new first-class seat”. Adding to this, he mentioned that while the new Club Suite may poach a few passengers down from First, he doesn’t believe that this will consist of many passengers.

While the First seat, for the time being, is not as revolutionary as the new Club Suite, the cabin itself still offers a different service. Firstly, much more privacy is implicitly guaranteed as there are only around eight seats as opposed to around 30. Additionally, the cabin has a different soft product, which is designed to be above that of the Club World cabin.

Are you excited to see the Boeing 787-10 debut in British Airways’ fleet early next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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will the new 787-10 have it’s engines painted white as in the first photo or will BA stick with the blue as in the second photo?


They will stick with the blue. if you go on The Boeing website and click on the 787 and scroll down to customers. just click on BA and you’ll see exactly what the aircraft is going to look like

High Mile Club

Don’t you mean the A350 first went to Madrid?


When will BA start kolkata flights .
Always we need to fly via Mumbai Delhi as even emirates, etihad & Qatar airways are full booked

John Standley

The BA long haul fleet now seems to me to be a complete buggers muddle. They now have 747’s, 777- 200’s, 777-300’s, all 3 versions of the 787 and the A350-1000 – Oh, and the A380. What sort of economies does that give you? They should cut it down to a maximum of 3. Small, medium and large. My vote would be A330 neo, A350-900 and A350-1000.

David Galbraith

The entire IAG combined fleet seems to be a real mish-mash. I’m waiting for the Irkut MC-21 order for Aer Lingus and a handful of Comac’s for Vueling.