What To Expect Inside British Airways’ New Boeing 787-10?

British Airways is looking forward to receiving its first Boeing 787-10 later this year. While the airline had hoped to already have this aircraft, it has unfortunately been delayed. However, what will the inside look like? We decided to take a look!

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Cabin
British Airways will receive its first later this year (not pictured). Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


Unlike the airline’s Airbus A350, the Boeing 787-10 will be delivered with a first-class cabin. This will see a small cabin at the front of the aircraft hosting 8 Passengers. These passengers will be arranged in 2 rows of 1-2-1.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Cabin
The aircraft’s interior layout features four cabins. Photo: British Airways

However, some have argued that this cabin will be dwarfed in terms of quality by the Club World cabin. Passengers in the first-class cabin do not have a suite seat. They will have the improved soft product of first-class, in addition to the privacy afforded to them by the smaller cabin.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Cabin
There will be eight first-class seats. Photo: British Airways

Club Suite

Just behind the First cabin will find passengers in the Club Suite cabin. This business-class cabin, which takes up almost half of the aircraft, consists of 12 rows of seating. In a 1-2-1 configuration, 48 passengers can fit into the cabin which is split into two by a galley.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Cabin
The new Club Suite cabin gives first a run for its money. Photo: British Airways

Unlike the passengers in the first-class cabin, Club Suite passengers will receive a seat that is fully enclosed seat with a closing door. This ensures a greater level of privacy given the enhanced size of the cabin. Last year simple flying tried out British Airways’ new Club Suite cabin onboard the Airbus A350. Here’s what we thought.

World Traveller Plus

find the business class cabin one finds the premium economy cabin. This seats 35 passengers spread across 5 rows. The small cabin has a 2-3-2 layout, similar to that found onboard the airline’s Airbus A350 aircraft. Passengers in this cabin will benefit from a slightly larger seat with more legroom and recline than in economy.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Cabin
The World Traveller Plus seats have a decent recline. Photo: British Airways

World Traveller

last, but by no means least is the aircraft economy cabin. This is the largest cabin onboard the aircraft in terms of passengers seated. The cabin has 19 rows in a 3-3-3 configuration. That being said, the last three rows are 2-3-2, meaning that they would be best for couples traveling together.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Cabin
British Airways has just refreshed its economy soft product. Photo: British Airways

As a result, 21 of the 165 passengers traveling in the cabin will benefit from the World Traveller Plus layout, albeit with the regular economy seat. These three rows are not 3-3-3 as the aircraft begins to taper in at the rear.

When will the aircraft be delivered?

It’s a bit unknown right now when the new Boeing 787-10 will be delivered by Boeing. It had been planned for January, however, it is now late February. On the matter, a British Airways spokesperson told Simple Flying: “We’re excited to welcome the Boeing 787-10 into our fleet, and we’re working closely with Boeing on a delivery date.” The British flag carrier expects to take delivery of 22 new aircraft during 2020.

Which cabin would you like to sit in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!