The Boeing 787-10 Will Be British Airways’ Next New Aircraft Type

With the Boeing 787-10 on order, British Airways will be the only carrier in the United Kingdom to operate all three models of the 787. The aircraft already operates the 787-8 and -9 variants.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, First class
British Airways will receive its first Boeing 787-10 in 2020. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

While our focus has been firmly on the Airbus A350 entering British Airways’ fleet recently, it’s time for a change. The airline is due to welcome its first Boeing 787-10 next year. Of the 189 Boeing 787-10 aircraft on order, Brtish Airways has claimed 12. Seven airlines have already taken delivery of the Boeing 787-10 so far out of 12 customers including lessors. The Boeing 787-10 is the largest of the three Boeing 787 variants.

2020 delivery

Earlier, British Airways told us that its first Boeing 787-10 will be delivered sometime during 2020. This confirms what we already know from its 2018 financial report, where British Airways said that outstanding commitments would see these aircraft delivered between 2020-2023. Unfortunately, British Airways is, as yet, unable to further narrow this year-long window.

Earlier today, Executive Traveller reported that the first example would be delivered to British Airways in January. When questioned by Simple Flying, however, British Airways was unable to confirm this news. With this said, we’d love to see the first Boeing 787-10 delivered towards the start of the new year.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, First class
British Airways will operate all three variants of the Boeing 787. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Featuring the Club Suite

British Airways’ new Boeing 787-10 aircraft will come equipped with the carrier’s new Club Suite cabin. The new suites will come equipped as the aircraft is delivered from the Boeing factory. This will launch the third phase of the carrier’s suite roll out program.

The new Club Suite cabin debuted on the carrier’s recently delivered Airbus A350 aircraft. The aircraft, G-XWBA, is the first of 18 to be delivered to the airline, with a further three expected by the end of the year. In March, British Airways said that it was expecting 72 new aircraft to join its fleet over the next five years. This includes the new Boeing 787-10s, in addition to up to 42 Boeing 777-9 planes.

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, First Class
The Boeing 787-10 will come with the carrier’s new Club Suite cabin. Photo: British Airways

What about First?

British Airways’ new Airbus A350 aircraft are currently being delivered without a first-class cabin. At the aircraft’s inaugural flight from London Heathrow, Simple Flying asked Alex Cruz whether he thought the Club Suite would draw customers from First Class.

Mr Cruz told us that the airline’s refurbished Boeing 777s “will not have a brand new first-class seat”. He added that he hopes there will be a differentiated service between First and Club World on the Boeing 777-9. Expanding on his point, Mr. Cruz commented that he did not believe that the new Club Suites product will poach many customers from the carrier’s First cabin.

As the Boeing 787-10 is being delivered before the 777-9, it would be a fair assumption that the 787-10 will have the carrier’s existing first-class product.

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