British Airways May Launch ‘Business Class Suites’ On Their A350 Aircraft

A new aircraft and a new seat. British Airways has been eagerly hyping up the world for their brand new A350-1000 by revealing as little as possible about their business class. What we know is limited to little bits and scraps we hear from British Airways themselves. This one, however, might be worth noting.

Business class has been rapidly evolving to being as luxurious, if not more luxurious, than many first class products on the market. In recent years, we’ve also seen a reduction in first class. In lieu of first class, Delta Airlines introduced an upgrade to their herringbone Delta One in the form of Delta One Suites and Qatar Airways their Qsuite.

Delta Airlines opted for a refreshed business class suite instead of a first class cabin. Photo: Delta

One of the trendsetters in premium cabins includes Qatar Airways. Their latest Qsuite is one of the best, if not the best, business class product out there. It may even beat a host of first class products on the market!

Qsuites best a few first class products on the market. Photo: Qatar Airways

British Airways Current Offerings

British Airways operates plenty of first class-equipped flights. But their product leaves a lot to be desired for a first class experience. Really, first class on British Airways could pass off as a great business class hard product.

British Airways First Class on a 787. Photo: British Airways

Business class on British Airways leaves A LOT to be desired.

The Club World offering on British Airways is no longer competitive. Photo: British Airways

The good news is, British Airways is introducing a new business class on their A350s. The A350s will also not include a first class cabin. For a while, it was presumed that British Airways was releasing a pretty stellar business class product. Now, it looks like that might be happening.


The New Club World

We know that the following will be true of the new Club World on British Airways:

  • Increased size of the seat
  • Direct aisle access for all seats
  • Entertainment screens will not have to be stowed for taxi, takeoff, and landing
  • More privacy
  • More storage
  • Will be present on A350s and a few retrofitted 777s

These are some pretty vague descriptions that could match a relatively large number of seats on the market. However, British Airways just released a new survey for naming the seat. Granted, it seems like most people surveyed won’t have seen the product to be able to suggest a name.

British Airways has released three “examples” for naming the seat: Club Suite, Club World Suite, and Club World Space.

So, there are three options here.

One, British Airways is hyping up the seat too much. They could be suggesting names for the product that would appeal to a large number of people, but not deliver the suggested product in the end.

Two, British Airways is actually releasing a business class suite. This would be a huge (HUGE!) announcement that would definitely be well received. To better align their product with Qatar and remain competitive, this would be the best option that most passengers would respond well to.

Three, British Airways is releasing a product that could be considered a suite, but isn’t really to the level of a suite as presented on Qatar and Delta. One example could be the Apex Suite found on a few airlines like Oman Air, Korean, and Japan Airlines.

Japan Airline’s SkySuite is an example of a business class suite. Photo: Japan Airlines


We really don’t know exactly what British Airways will release. We’re still waiting, but there are a ton of options out there.

Here at Simple Flying, we’ll keep you updated if we know what British Airways is releasing for their new Club World seat. Most importantly, we’re hoping that British Airways is releasing something that isn’t a disappointment and not just hyping up an announcement that really isn’t novel (looking at you Qatar Airways).

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


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Your comment about “Business class on British Airways leaves A LOT to be desired”. You can say that again! On our last flights with BA, on medium haul in business class, experience included: 1) Their seats were basically economy class seats with the middle seat folded into a table 2) They ran out of choice of main course 3) Passengers from economy class stuffed their hand luggage overhead in business class and “squashed” our bags, and cabin crew did not care. 4) Press call bell for service and no-one came. (To be fair, the cabin crew did smile when she… Read more »


There is no way BA would even consider an Apex product. BA needs to have very large business class cabins to cater to the premium demand out of London combined with the fact that they operate out of slot constrained airports. BA therefore needs a high density business layout which pretty much eliminates the APEX suites. As far as the Delta One or Qsuites go, I don’t see BA going for them. For one a majority of their flights operate within a 9 hour radius- Delta one suites are primarily offered on trans-pacific routes. BA has captive demand owing to… Read more »

Balan Tholandi

About 18 months ago, we flew the BA from Barcelona to London. The flight was delayed so much that we missed our connection at London which was another nightmare. To be short, We avoid both BA and London. For the last few years our flights are in business class with Emirates or SingaporeAir.and we are very satisfied with them.