British Airways Begins Selling Cabin Equipment After Art Sale

British Airways has become the latest in a long line of airlines selling everything from amenity kits to cutlery. The airline is selling a range of cabin items from both the First and Club World cabins, which it says will allow passengers to recreate the experience of flying.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGE
British Airways is selling a range of items from its Boeing 747s. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

2020 has been a strange year for airlines. Indeed, a year ago, nobody would’ve thought that big-name national carriers would resort to flights to nowhere and selling items that would usually only be found onboard. However, this has become the case as airlines look to raise funds by any means.

Are they selling the silverware?

British Airways has begun selling a range of items from its onboard catering service. While the airline has stopped just short of selling the silverware, it is selling everything from Champagne flutes to a four-shelf oven rack.

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The airline states that it was selling the items to ‘bring the magic of flying into your home for Christmas.’ Of course, it comes as no surprise, as airlines such as Qantas have already been selling items that used to be found onboard their Boeing 747 aircraft. With British Airways also retiring the type, these items have been taken from its 747 fleet.

British Airways, Boeing 747, Cabin Sale
A set of three soup bowls could be yours for £30 ($40.18). Photo: British Airways

The most expensive item available was a waste trolley taken from the Boeing 747. These were being sold for £150 ($200) but have already gone out of stock. On the cheaper side of things, items such as a set of six club world bowls, a pack of ten club world socks, alongside teacup saucers and coasters from first class, are just five pounds ($6.70).

It makes sense for the airline to sell these pieces as they do not need them anymore. If people will willingly pay for them, why shouldn’t the airline make money off of them when it is hurting?

Commenting on the sale, Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, said,

“This is an incredible one-off opportunity for people to bring the magic of flying with British Airways in to their own homes. We know that these special items will fly and we are delighted to be able to offer them in time for Christmas to give people the opportunity to make it memorable during a difficult year.”

British Airways, Boeing 747, Cabin Sale
Need new dinner plates? British Airways could help. Photo: British Airways

Not the first British Airways sale this year

This is not the first time that British Airways has sold some of its assets this year. In July, the airline sold a range of artworks from its collections, including pieces by artists such as Damien Hurst. The headline piece alone was a 142 by 120.6 cm oil on linen painting by Bridget Riley entitled “Cool Edge.” The image, a series of vertical lines alternating in color, sold for £1,875,000 ($2,511,000).

All of the items being sold by British Airways are being offered through What A Buy.

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