Inside British Airways: How The Airline Prepares For Christmas

It’s that time of year, people are settling down by the fireplace to chill with family, while others are worried the turkey is burning. However, many airlines continue their operations through Christmas day. One such airline is British Airways, which takes the holiday very seriously. They once lent Santa a Concorde when his sleigh broke down. Let’s take a look at how British Airways prepares to deliver Christmas at 36,000 feet.

British Airways, Christmas, Holidays
British Airways will operate over 210 flights today. Photo: Getty Images

Over 210 flights

Of course, Christmas day won’t be a regular day for British Airways. However, a team of staff will be working to ensure that everything runs smoothly with over 210 flights which will operate today. This includes two flights from London to Paris, which the airline says was this year’s busiest short-haul route over the festive season.

Christmas catering

Of course, British Airways will be taking extra special care of those who chose to spend Christmas Day with them. This will include special catering for passengers. In fact, the airline will serve more than 100,000 Christmas Dinners today.

British Airways, Christmas, Holidays
The airline will serve 450,000 brussels sprouts today. Photo: British Airways

Would you believe that all of these dinners contain 11,000 kilograms of Turkey? That’s not even mentioning the 360,000 roast potatoes and 450,000 brussels sprouts which will also be served today. To finish off the meal, British Airways will be giving passengers some 135,000 mince pies on board their flights.

Christmas continues with the entertainment…

Despite loading an eyewatering amount of turkey onboard their aircraft, British Airways isn’t stopping with catering when it comes to spreading Christmas cheer. The airline has gone out of its way to load a variety of festive favorites onto its aircraft.

British Airways, Christmas, Holidays
After stuffing themselves with mince pies, passengers can watch festive content on the Highlife Entertainment system. Photo: British Airways

Passengers on board are able to watch everything from The Grinch and Elf, to Die Hard (although it is this author’s view that Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie!). The High Life Entertainment system has also been loaded with a range of Christmassy television shows including Jamie Oliver cooking a Turkey and the 2008 Gavin and Stacey special. Passengers will have to wait until they’re off the plane to watch this year’s edition.

Christmassy cabin crew

British Airways’ cabin crew have also been enlisted to help spread the Christmas cheer today. They are allowed to dress up for the occasion meaning passengers could spot Christmas jumpers and bauble earrings onboard their A320. This will accompany decorations that have been placed inside the aircraft in order to make each flight just that little bit more special. This will be rounded off with Christmas songs played over the intercom during the flight.

British Airways, Christmas, Holidays
British Airways staff will go out of their way to give flights a festive feel. Photo: British Airways

Speaking about the Christmas preparations Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, said: “We hope they enjoy the Christmas touches we have brought to their flights – helping our customers and colleagues get in the festive spirit.”

Are you flying today? Did the crew make your flight special? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!