COVID Friendly Catering Revealed By British Airways

British Airways has today revealed a new onboard catering offering in response to the current global pandemic. The typical product will be temporarily swapped out with pre-packaged food, reducing the contact involved in serving the meals.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
British Airways will be altering its onboard meal service for the foreseeable future. Photo: British Airways

Around the world, airlines have been implementing changes to make flying as safe as possible. We’ve seen Qatar Airways introduce full-body PPE for cabin crew. Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines has made almost 100 health-related onboard changes. Now British Airways is altering its onboard service in reaction to the current situation.

The main changes

All food served will now be served in pre-packaged, disposable containers. Additionally, all cutlery will be plastic and pre-packaged. This ensures that contact points and the chance for virus transmission are reduced as much as possible.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
All food will now be served in a box regardless of travel. Photo: British Airways

British Airways will still offer snacks between meals on long-haul flights, and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will still be available to accompany meals. All passengers will get a bottle of water as part of the service, regardless of the class of travel or length of the flight. There is currently no date for when the regular service will resume, as this will depend on how the situation develops.

Long-haul flights

The most significant changes to the current lineup will be seen by the passengers traveling in First, the airline’s top level cabin. First passengers will be used to having luxury food made to order. However, pre-prepared meal boxes will now be served in all of the cabins.

First Class:

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
The airline’s popular afternoon tea will contain all of the essentials. Photo: British Airways

Of course, the quality and quantity of food will vary between the cabins. The airline’s popular afternoon tea will still be served to passengers in the First cabin upon request, albeit in a box, with macaroons, scones, and of course, a sandwich selection.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
The first-class offering is the most diverse. Photo: British Airways

Alongside the afternoon tea in First, British Airways will be serving main meals in boxes too. The meal will be the most diverse of all the cabins. However, it is a big step down from the usual First offering.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
The Club World is more straightforward than what passengers are used to but still looks delicious. Photo: British Airways

Club World (business class):

Those in the Club World cabin, British Airways’ business class, will get a slightly downgraded menu that fits in one box. Again, they will get plastic cutlery and disposable food containers.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
The airline’s new Club World main meal. Photo: British Airways

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World Traveler Plus (premium economy):

While passengers in World Traveller Plus (premium economy) are used to a slightly better meal service than in World Traveller (economy), this will not be the case for the time being. Both cabins will share the same menu while the temporary catering is in use.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
World Traveller and World Traveller Plus will share the same meal. Photo: British Airways

This menu will see a salad, hot entrée or sandwich paired with a small desert, and a bottle of water.

World Traveler (economy class):

The World Traveller breakfast will likely include a croissant, a yogurt, and a snack.

The World Traveller breakfast will likely include a croissant, a yogurt, and a snack. Photo: British Airways

Short-haul service

British Airways is well known for having a buy onboard service for Euro Traveller passengers. We’ve sampled this menu multiple times. Essentially, passengers have to pay for food or bring their own. It wouldn’t be a surprise if British Airways scrapped its service altogether on short-haul flights. However, this isn’t the case.

Club Europe (business class):

Those in Club Europe (short-haul business class) will still get a pre-prepared meal, again in a box. This will be served with a selection of drinks.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
Club Europe passengers will still get catering, while economy customers will get complimentary refreshments. Photo: British Airways

Euro Traveler (economy class):

Every passenger in the economy cabin on shorter flights will be given a bottle of water and a snack. These will be complimentary, a slight improvement on the current offering.

What do you make of British Airways’ temporary meal changes? Would you be happy with the service on offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.