British Airways Announces 4 New Domestic Routes From Belfast

With the collapse of regional Stobart Air, connectivity across the Irish Sea was put into jeopardy. However, IAG carriers Aer Lingus and British Airways are stepping in to fill the gap, with the latter’s BA CityFlyer subsidiary recently announcing four new domestic routes out of George Best Belfast City Airport.

British Airways Announces 4 New Domestic Routes From Belfast
BA CityFlyer has a fleet of over 20 Embraer E190 regional jets. Photo: Ken Fielding via Wikimedia Commons 

Keeping Northern Ireland connected to the rest of the UK

For those who prefer a short 75-minute flight over a half-day journey using the ferry, British Airways is launching four new domestic routes out of Belfast to the rest of the UK. Two of the airline’s new services have already launched, while another will begin in July and another in August. These services will be operated by BA’s regional subsidiary, BA CityFlyer.

In total, the airline will see 18 flights a week operating between George Best Belfast City Airport and the airports of Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, and Newquay. The new routes join British Airways’ existing services between Belfast and London City and London Heathrow airports.

“We’re delighted to announce these new services from Belfast, which will enhance our regional network and maintain vital connections between Northern Ireland and other key UK destinations.” – Tom Stoddart, Managing Director, BA CityFlyer, via statement.

British Airways Announces 4 New Domestic Routes From Belfast
The new BA CityFlyer services will keep Northern Ireland connected to the rest of the UK. Photo:

Flight service details

Operated completely by BA CityFlyer’s fleet of Embraer E190 aircraft, this is what travelers can expect in terms of flight times and frequencies out of Belfast:

Belfast City (BHD)/ Exeter (EXT): BA7319

  • Monday – 12.55
  • Friday – 16.35
  • Saturday – 10.15
  • Sunday – 11.40

Belfast City (BHD)/ Leeds Bradford (LBA): BA7313

  • Monday – 8.40
  • Tuesday – 8.40
  • Wednesday – 8.40
  • Thursday – 8.40
  • Friday – 10.55
  • Sunday – 8.40

Belfast City (BHD)/ Cornwall Newquay (NQY) from 3 July 2021: BA7331

  • Wednesday – 16.35
  • Saturday – 6.35

Belfast City (BHD)/ Glasgow (GLA) from 2 August 2021: BA7327

  • Monday – 19.00
  • Tuesday – 19.00
  • Wednesday – 19.00
  • Thursday – 19.00
  • Friday – 19.00
  • Sunday – 19.00

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While schedules for Exeter and Leeds Bradford came into effect on June 16th, Cornwall Newquay and Glasgow flights will not begin until later this summer. While there are few other viable options for Cornwall other than a transfer through London, easyJet regularly flies between Glasgow and Belfast.

British Airways Announces 4 New Domestic Routes From Belfast
BA CityFlyer is the regional arm of British Airways, an IAG airline. Photo: Steven Byles via Wikimedia Commons 

“Continuity on these services is excellent news for domestic connectivity to and from Northern Ireland. Operated by Embraer 190 jets, these routes will greatly complement the existing British Airways services to London Heathrow and London City enabling passengers to enjoy the excellent British Airways experience to a greater number of destinations.” – Katy Best, Commercial Director, Belfast City Airport, via statement.

Complementing Aer Lingus service

BA CityFlyer service will complement services being offered by fellow IAG member Aer Lingus. In addition to its Dublin-Edinburgh and Dublin-Manchester services, the Irish carrier will fly out of Belfast City to three airports: Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.

British Airways says that customers will be able to place bookings “with absolute confidence,” thanks to a flexible booking policy. This will allow customers to exchange their booking for a voucher or move their dates without incurring a change fee.

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