British Airways Suffers Two Tenerife Emergencies In 3 Days

It’s only been a week since a British Airways crew was sent to the hospital after the emergency landing of an Airbus A320 in Tenerife on June 23rd. The action was taken as a precaution after the detection of fumes in the cabin. Now we have reports that another incident has taken place in Tenerife with another British Airways flight. Apparently there were some engine problems on the June 25th flight.

British Airways Suffers Two Tenerife Emergencies In 3 Days
BA has a large fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft for their short-haul operations. Photo: Wikipedia


According to an incident report by the Aviation Herald, a British Airways Airbus A320-200, (registration G-GATH) was flying from Tenerife South in the Canary Islands to London Gatwick. The aircraft was making its ascent from Tenerife’s runway 07 when the crew stopped the climb due to an engine problem. An emergency landing was declared and the aircraft entered a hold position, burning off fuel and then returning to Tenerife. The A320 made a safe landing two hours after departure.

When asked for comment, a spokesperson for British Airways had the following to say:

“The aircraft returned to Tenerife as a precaution due to a technical issue, and landed normally.”

British Airways Suffers Two Tenerife Emergencies In 3 Days
The flight path of BA2731 on June 25th. Photo:

According to passenger reports from Aviation Herald, some onboard heard a banging noise from one of the engines. One passenger thinks the engine was shut down afterwards. In fact, with the flight cancelled, the passengers were rebooked onto a flight the next day, which was operated by a Boeing 777 with plenty of space for all additional passengers.

After four days, the aircraft made its way back to London Gatwick on the afternoon-evening of June 29th as BA9271. The flight number appears to be a unique one specifically for the plane’s return journey to its home base.


According to, the Airbus A320 with registration G-GATH has had an interesting history. Firstly, the 18 year old plane first went to the El Salvadorian airline TACA. Then, between 2006 and 2015 it has been a part of numerous fleets including:

  • GoAir
  • Mandala Airlines
  • Onur Air

Since 2015 the plane has been flying with British Airways on lease from GECAS – General Electric Capital Aviation Services.

GECAS, according to Wikipedia, is an Irish–American commercial aviation financing and leasing company. In fact, it is the largest commercial airline leasing/financing company in the world by number of aircraft. GECAS is a subsidiary of GE Capital, which is the finance arm of the conglomerate General Electric.

British Airways Suffers Two Tenerife Emergencies In 3 Days
The aircraft involved in this latest incident was registration G-GATH, pictured here. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Coincidentally, this is the second incident in the span of three days involving a BA aircraft in Tenerife. On June 23rd flight attendants put on smoke hoods after fumes were seen, possibly consisting of smoke. It was also reported that cabin crew took supplemental oxygen during the flight after they experienced symptoms similar to hypoxia. As a result of the situation onboard, the aircraft made an emergency landing at its destination in Tenerife.

The official comment from British Airways on this particular incident is as follows:

“Our flight landed safely and the aircraft was thoroughly inspected before it returned to operation.”

The aircraft involved in the June 23rd incident had registration G-GATN. A 17.7-year-old Airbus A320-200, it first went to TAM in 2001 and then became a part of the British Airways fleet in July 2015.

British Airways Suffers Two Tenerife Emergencies In 3 Days
The A320 flies most BA flights between London and Tenerife. Photo: Flickr user Marvin Mutz

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