Cook First Class Food At Home With British Airways’ New Meal Kits

British Airways is partnering with catering companies in the UK to launch meal boxes, enabling a first class dining experience from the comfort of your own home. Starting at £80, each kit will create a meal to serve two people.

British Airways Boeing 787 seen from above
British Airways is to begin selling first class meal boxes. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The pandemic has made flying a distant memory for many. Some are facing the reality of Zoom meetings replacing face-to-face meetings while travel remains restricted. Meanwhile, others aren’t even able to leave the UK without risking a £5,000 fine. Simultaneously, as passengers are missing travel, airlines are missing the revenue that comes with travel. This has prompted some to get creative with their offerings.

First class food at home

Many people these days are familiar with the concept of meal boxes. Typically you sign up for a plan and select the meals that you want. Several days later, the ingredients to make the meals requested show up at your door.

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British Airways is now tapping into the meal box market, but they’re going in at the top. The airline has partnered with its catering provider DO & CO and Feast Box to provide meal boxes based on first class meals. These boxes will start at £80, depending on which meal has been delivered, and will feed two.

British Airways first class meal
Starting at £80, the boxes will contain ingredients to make a four-course meal for two people. Photo: British Airways

Unlike enjoying first class on the Airbus A380, ‘passengers’ will be involved in preparing the meal. The airline will provide a recipe sheet and information card in the form of a passport. This includes all the instructions to hopefully turn a pile of ingredients into a meal fit for the airline’s most premium passengers.

Commenting on the meal kits, Hamish McVey, the airline’s head of brands and marketing, said,

“We hope that this exclusive First experience will allow our customers who are missing flying to enjoy an amazing dining experience at home. British Airways, Feast Box and DO & CO take huge pride in offering top quality international cuisine, and although it might appear a little different being delivered to a customer’s door rather than at 38,000 feet, we hope it will be just as exciting.”

Why sell meals on the ground?

You may wonder why British Airways is offering such meal kits. After all, they’re an airline, not a supermarket. Many airlines have been seeking additional revenue streams, given the primary source of revenue has been cut off.

British Airways Meal Box
Deliveries of the boxes will start next week. Photo: British Airways

British Airways is currently hurting more than other airlines, given the UK’s strict travel restrictions. As a result, the airline has been forced to cut its schedules significantly. Indeed, according to data from, the airline is currently operating 15% of the flights it ran this time in 2019.

British Airways isn’t alone in seeking additional revenue streams related to catering. Last year Singapore Airlines turned one of its Airbus A380s into a restaurant. Finnair began selling ready meals in Finnish supermarkets, while ANA has made $1.8 million from home economy meal sales so far, showing how lucrative the market is.

Would you spend £80+ on a first class meal from British Airways? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!