British Airways Set To Almost Double Its Flight Schedule In July

According to schedule data, British Airways is on course to almost double the number of flights operating in July. But with the current volatility of the UK travel industry, this may not turn out to be the case by the end of the month.

British Airways, Flight Schedule, Green List
British Airways is set to almost double its flight schedule in July. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

British Airways has been feeling the full wrath of the UK Government’s travel restrictions for most of 2021. The green list had been hailed as the answer for British Airways, but it lacked anywhere that passengers could really go before last week. However, it seems that the airline plans to take full advantage of the latest green list additions.

86% increase in scheduled flights

According to flight data experts Cirium, British Airways has planned to increase its flight schedule by 86% in July. The British flag carrier had 6,859 flights scheduled for June. In July, 12,756 flights are currently planned, an increase of 5,897 flights.

Of course, this remains a long way short of the airline’s pre-pandemic flight schedule. In July 2019, the airline had 32,986 flights scheduled. This means that even with the month-on-month flights almost doubling, there is still a 61.3% shortfall on where the airline would ideally like to be at this time of the year.

British Airways, Flight Schedule, Green List
Comparing the airline’s route network. 2021 in red, 2019 in teal. Photo: Cirium (click to enlarge)

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Green means go for British Airways

While only making up a handful of the July schedule, British Airways has taken note of the UK Government’s upgraded green list, with 13 of 18 green list destinations seeing an increase in services. For some, this increase is more noticeable than others.

Singapore still has strict rules regarding British arrivals, meaning that flights to the destination have only increased by one, increasing just 5.9%. The difference couldn’t be more noticeable for the Mediterranean islands. British Airways had just six flights scheduled to Malta in June. With 33 scheduled for July, the increase in flights is 450% month on month.

The situation is relatively similar to Ibiza. The airline’s flights to Ibiza have only increased 144% from 34 to 83. However, if you look at subsidiary BA Cityflyer’s flights to Ibiza, we see a 475% increase from eight flights in June to 46 scheduled flights in July.

British Airways, Flight Schedule, Green List
Individual destinations have seen considerable increases in services. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Malaga has the most international flights

Despite not being on the green list, it seems that Malaga is the place to be in July. According to the flight schedule, it is the international destination with the highest number of flights for the month.

British Airways has 106 flights scheduled from London Heathrow, roughly three a day. Meanwhile, Cityflyer has 25 flights from London City and seven from Southampton Airport. All in all, this equates to an increase of 200% on flights to Malaga, with 138 in July compared to 46 in June.

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