British Airways Brings Back Hot Food But Scraps M&S Buy Onboard

It seems to be all change at British Airways as the airline has brought back hot food for travelers on long-haul flights. However, the airline’s Marks and Spencer buy onboard menu won’t return to the economy cabin on short-haul flights as the airline is considering Greggs and Waitrose as a replacement.

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British Airways is bringing back hot food to long-haul flights. Photo: Getty Images

Around the world, airlines have been altering their inflight service to cope with the current situation. Ryanair has stopped accepting cash on flights. Meanwhile, many US airlines turned to block the middle seat to create distance from passengers. British Airways stopped providing hot meals in all classes but first.

Hot food is back

Today seemed to be a day of food news for British Airways. Earlier, frequent flyer site Head For Points noted that British Airways had brought back hot food on its long-haul flights, as first reported by Inflight with James. However, while one hot meal has returned, the second hot meal will still be replaced by a cold equivalent.

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According to HFP, the change will be effective immediately. It will also see the catering in Club World being served on a tray with a meal cloth. The occasional service will still see the second meal served in a cardboard box where space to store catering is tight on specific routes.

British Airways, Meal Service, COVID
British Airways had been providing cold food in a box given the current situation. Photo: British Airways

For the past few months, British Airways had only been handing out prepackaged cold meals in cardboard boxes. This action was taken in all cabins except First, meaning that many passengers were disappointed. On short-haul flights in Club Europe, a box was also given out. Meanwhile, in the economy cabin, British Airways removed its M&S buy onboard menu, giving passengers a bottle of water and a snack.

M&S food won’t be back

It seems as though the airline’s Marks and Spencer buy onboard menu won’t be returning. However, the airline also won’t be bringing back complimentary catering in the cabin. Instead, The Sun today reported that the airline was looking to replace its M&S menu with food from Waitrose or Greggs.

On the face of it, it would seem that Waitrose would be better suited for the replacement. After all, their offering will more closely match that of former partner M&S. However, adding Greggs food could also prove to be a boon for the airline in terms of food sales.

British Airways executive club
The airline has ended its partnership with M&S. Photo: British Airways

According to The Sun, a spokesperson for the airline said,

We’re off on a new flight path. We look forward to announcing our exciting new buy-on-board proposition with a great British brand that customers have told us they love.”

Are you happy to see hot food return? Would you rather see Greggs or Waitrose onboard flights? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!