British Airways To Extend Frequent Flyer Status For Another Year

British Airways today revealed that it would extend the status of its Executive Club members for another year. The move will relieve those worried about losing their status after a year where travel has been difficult for some and impossible for others.

British Airways, Executive Club, Status Extension
British Airways has revealed that it will extend executive club status. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The pandemic has affected many within the aviation industry. This has particularly been the case with employees who have been stood down due to a lack of flights, in addition to entire aircraft types being removed from fleets. However, passengers have also suffered. Unable to fly, there has been concern over what would happen to hard-earned airline status.

British Airways comes to the rescue

British Airways today revealed that it would come to the rescue of those worried about losing their executive club membership. Today, the airline announced that no memberships would lapse this year, as any due to lapse before 2021 will be extended by a year.

British Airways, Executive Club, Status Extension
As well as extending existing status, the airline is making it easier to earn new status. Photo: British Airways

The status extension means that British Airways will have protected its program members’ frequent flyer status for two years. However, the extension of benefits doesn’t stop there. Recognizing that it is still difficult for many to travel, the airline will cut the number of points needed to maintain status by 25% if a tier point collection year ends before July 2022. It will take a week or two for everybody’s status to be updated in the system.

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Commenting on the extension, the airline’s frequent flyer program head, Niall Rooney, said,

“We know many of our members haven’t been able to travel, but today’s news means they can keep their benefits for longer and use them when they’re able to fly again. We hope this complements a number of measures we’ve already introduced, including our book with confidence commitment, which provides flexibility and reassurance for our customers.”

British Airways, COVID-19 Testing, Self Test
Three return trips to Europe in business class would be enough for Bronze Status. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

How many points are needed now?

The 25% reduction in points needed to gain and maintain status means that now could be the perfect time to gain status with the airline if you can travel. Passengers must either complete a certain number of eligible flights or collect so many Tier Points. As points are not reset when a status is reached, Silver would only require 450 points from Blue. The current reduced requirements for each tier are,

TierPoints NeededSegments Needed

Three return trips between London and Frankfurt in the Club Europe cabin would earn a passenger Bronze membership with the reduced tier requirements. Six return trips would qualify for Silver. However, if a passenger traveled on the lowest fare economy tickets, it would take 45 flights to reach the reduced tier point limit earning five points for each flight. In this case, passengers would instead qualify following the 18th flight.

Are you pleased to see British Airways lower its requirements to receive and maintain status? Let us know what you think and why in the comments.