British Airways Opens Cabin Crew Applications For Next Summer

British Airways is back on the hiring road. The carrier has announced that it will begin recruiting cabin crew members to start working from Spring 2022 onwards. The move comes as the airline sees business bounce back with transatlantic borders opening and passengers returning quickly.

British Airways A350
British Airways is hiring crew and bringing back its biggest aircraft as travel ramps up. Photo: British Airways

Back on the road

After a hiring freeze since March 2020 and thousands of jobs cut, British Airways is finally turning the page in the pandemic. The airline announced on Wednesday that it is planning to hire an unspecified number of crew members between now and November, with assessments taking place throughout November.

Interested candidates can apply on British Airways’ website now. The offer is open to new candidates as well, with BA scheduling training starting from early January to ensure hires are flying by March 2022. After months of uncertainty, a select few will have the chance to enter or re-enter the aviation industry.

British Airways Crew
It’s been 18 months since BA last hired crew and has only been decreasing its total employee count since then. Photo: British Airways

BA also highlighted how its crew would have the chance to fly long-haul and short-haul routes and travel the world, a subtle difference compared to low-cost European carriers that are also hiring. New hirees can earn up to £28,000 in allowances and tax-free allowances, higher than the competition.

Big changes

British Airways has been in the news in recent days. The airline has brought back its A380s on short-haul routes before flying them long-haul very soon. This was after it was announced that BA’s most profitable market of the US is opening up next month, adding over a dozen routes to the schedule.

All of this increase in flying is something BA hopes it can sustain into the future too, with COVID hopefully not playing spoil-sport once again. To protect itself from missing out on the travel surge, it has resuming crew hirings. In a statement, CEO Sean Doyle said,

“After 18 long months of closed or restricted borders across the world, we are finally seeing a demand for travel return as countries start to open up and ease their restrictions. This means that we can finally get back to doing what we do best – flying our customers around the world. As we look ahead to next summer, we are excited to start welcoming brilliant new people and former colleagues back to the British Airways family.”

British Airways, Airbus A380, Future
Four British Airways A380s are making it back to the skies in November for familiarization flights for crews, and the rest may be back soon too. Photo: Airbus

Hiring is always a good sign for an airline and signals that the pandemic might just be settling. Several other airlines have also announced global hirings, allowing thousands of eager trainees and interested people to join the battered industry. While opportunities may be limited now, they will only improve in the future. For now, things are looking up at British Airways, and the end of the pandemic might be in sight.

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