British Airways Hit By IT Outage Cancelling Flights

British Airways has been hit by an IT outage causing cancellations to flights. The incident comes in a week where the carrier has been affected by potential strike action and an aircraft evacuation in Valencia. However, despite all this, it’s not all bad news as on Monday the airline inaugurated its Airbus A350.

British Airways, IT Outage, Cancellations
British Airways was hit by an IT issue this morning. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

According to reports, around 90 British Airways flights have been cancelled departing London, while 200 more have been delayed. As a result of the outbound cancellations, inbound aircraft have also been affected.


According to the BBC, just shy of 200 British Airways flights have been cancelled this morning. The publication reports that 10 flights from Gatwick were cancelled, while 81 flights from Heathrow have also been cancelled. However, the issues don’t stop at cancellations, as many flights have been delayed. Indeed, at the time of writing, data from showed that 140 flights from Heathrow had been delayed so far today. However, this is across all airlines.

It seems that British Airways has suffered an issue with their IT systems. The airline’s short-haul flights are particularly affected by the IT outage, according to reports. While the IT issue is only affecting the airline’s London operations, it is having a knock-on effect elsewhere. For example, if a flight is late departing London, and therefore late arriving at its destination, it can’t operate the return flight on time.

British Airways, IT Outage, Cancellations
The airline’s short-haul traffic was worst hit. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Not the best week for BA

The cancellations, unfortunately, come at a time when British Airways has unfortunately had a few negative situations all at once. Strikes by Heathrow Airport staff were poised to cancel several short-haul flights from the airport on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully these were called off at the last moment.

Following this, a British Airways Airbus aircraft was forced to evacuate passengers via the emergency slides in Valencia. Social media footage from the aircraft shows the cabin engulfed in smoke. Thankfully, it would appear that everybody was unscathed by the textbook aircraft evacuation.

British Airways, IT Outage, Cancellations
The airline has had a few unfortunate issues this past week. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

However, it’s not all bad news. On Monday the airline flew the inaugural flight of its new Airbus A350 aircraft. The flight, attended by Simple Flying, showed off the airline’s new business class seating. This is a project that the airline has been working on for quite some time and is proud to deliver.

British Airways comment

Simple Flying contacted British Airways who told us:

“We are very sorry to our customers for the disruption to their travel plans. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve a systems issue which has resulted in a number of cancellations and delays today.

A spokesperson went on to add: “A number of flights continue to operate but we are advising customers to check for the latest flight information before coming to the airport, and to leave additional time. We are offering customers booked on short-haul services departing from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City today, a refund or the opportunity to rebook to another day.”

UPDATE @ 16:40: British Airways confirmed that this issues had been resolved. They added that flights are returning to normal, but could suffer from residual delays.

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