How Much Of British Airways’ Long Haul Fleet Is Operational?

We last took a look at the state of the British Airways long-haul fleet in late March. However, the aviation industry has changed an awful lot in the past half a year. As a result, Simple Flying decided to see precisely which aircraft British Airways is currently flying. We classified a plane as active if it has flown a scheduled flight in the past seven days.

British Airways, Long Haul, Fleet Status
Just what portion of the British Airways long-haul fleet is currently active? Photo: Getty Images

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Airbus A350

First and foremost is the Airbus A350. Since we last looked at the state of the British Airways fleet, the airline has taken two more of the aircraft, giving it a total fleet size of seven A350s. The most recent delivery took place last week. It seems as though the Airbus A350 is proving popular with British Airways, as the entire fleet is currently operating flights.

British Airways, Airbus A350, G-XWBG
The entire fleet of Airbus A350s is currently active. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Airbus A380

While Korean Air has woken one of its Airbus A380s from slumber, British Airways is yet to follow. For the time being, the airline’s entire fleet of Airbus A380s remains grounded, with the planes resting their wings at Chateauroux in France. British Airways has yet to reveal the type’s fate. However, unlike Air France and Lufthansa, it is not expected to retire the type at this point.

British Airways, Airbus A380, Johannesburg
Meanwhile, the A380 fleet remains grounded in France. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing 747

Sadly, the fate of the Boeing 747 has changed considerably in the past six months. When we last ran the numbers, 19 were grounded, with 12 remaining operational. However, now all of the aircraft have been retired from service. The airline is in the process of flying these jumbo jets to their final resting places. Their retirement has meant that British Airways no longer has a surplus of large aircraft.

British Airways, Boeing 747, Rossiya
The Boeing 747 fleet has been retired. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing 777

With the Boeing 747 out of the door, the Boeing 777 has become the backbone of the British flag carrier’s fleet. Having received its first Boeing 777 in six years last week, the airline now has 56 of the type. It retired two old 777s since the start of the current crisis. However, the Boeing 777 fleet is the most diverse in terms of its fate. Several of the aircraft are being stored at the airline’s Cardiff heavy maintenance base. The remainder is split between Heathrow and Gatwick, with 18 remaining grounded, while 38 are operational.

British Airways, China, Medical Supplies
British Airways is putting most of its 777 fleet to good use. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing 787

Last, but not least, in the British Airways’ long-haul fleet is the Boeing 787. Last time we looked, the airline only had the -8 and -9. However, during the summer, it took delivery of its first two 787-10s. This means that the airline now has 32 Dreamliners. Of these, only two aircraft are grounded. G-ZBKA hasn’t flown since September 25th. Meanwhile, G-ZBKN hasn’t flown since September 2019. Since this aircraft has been grounded since before the current situation, it is likely affected by the Trent 1000 issues.

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