British Airways Reopens Lounges Ahead Of Service Ramp Up

British Airways is set to reopen two lounges at its London Heathrow home tomorrow, July 4th. The doors to the airline’s lounges had remained closed for the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the airline is now in the process of getting back to business.

British Airways, Lounges Open, Service Resumption
British Airways is due to begin reopening its lounges tomorrow. Photo: British Airways

After being disrupted for a quarter of a year, the aviation industry is making baby steps towards rebuilding itself. Airlines across the world are slowly rebuilding their schedules. Many had been forced to ground services altogether. British Airways was not one of these airlines, however, and kept an essential network of flights operating throughout the crisis.

Lounges will reopen from tomorrow

British Airways’ lounges will begin to reopen from tomorrow, July 4th. It won’t be a case of every lounge opening all at once. However, this does mean that some will benefit from an upgrade in services depending on their lounge eligibility.

Tomorrow the airline will be opening two lounges—one for departing passengers and another for arriving passengers. As British Airways only offers one arrivals lounge during normal operations, the usual entry restrictions will apply. However, for departing passengers, only the airline’s first class lounge will be open initially.

British Airways, Lounges Open, Service Resumption
The London Heathrow First lounge will be the first to reopen. Photo: British Airways

The airline has stated that all passengers eligible to use a lounge will be permitted access to the First lounge. This move means that British Airways Executive Club Silver cardholders and above, in addition to those flying in Club World and First. Of course, shortly, they will be joined by passengers from American Airlines, who announced they will be moving from Terminal 3 to the home of British Airways on Tuesday, July 7th.

For those that are eligible, the First Wing will also reopen tomorrow. This is a dedicated check-in and security Lane that leads right into the First lounge. This facility is open to first class travelers, and the airline’s highest status clients.

Service resumptions

British Airways is slowly ramping up its operations following the worst crisis ever to hit the carrier. The vast majority of its aircraft have been grounded since late March. This includes the majority of the airline’s Airbus A380 fleet. However, while some of the airline’s larger aircraft remain grounded, the airline is slowly resuming services.

British Airways, Airbus A380, Johannesburg
The British Airways A380 fleet is entirely grounded right now. Photo: Getty Images

By the end of July, British Airways will add 20 European routes back into its network. The airline is also seeking to resume six domestic flights, including its service to Newquay, and to increase capacity on two of its Scottish routes.

In terms of long-haul services, the airline is mainly looking west to North America and the Caribbean with seven routes to the regions planned to join those already in operation. In terms of eastbound long-haul flights, the airline will be returning to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in Japan.

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