British Airways Moves All London Services To Heathrow Terminal 5

British Airways is consolidating its London operations to Heathrow’s Terminal 5. The airline previously announced that it would halt its London City operations in these unprecedented times. The airline has parked a number of aircraft up at airports across the United Kingdom.

Britiosh Airways, London Gatwick, Flight Suspension
British Airways has suspended operations from London Gatwick Airport. Photo: Getty Images

British Airways is facing one of the worst crises in its history. The British flag carrier has parked up a huge majority of its fleet as it becomes unviable or impossible to operate a large number of flights. As such, the airline has consolidated its remaining operations to Heathrow’s Terminal 5, providing a central base of operation.

Gatwick passenger ops suspended

British Airways has become the latest airline to halt flights out of London Gatwick. The airline has a significant number of operations at the airport’s south terminal. This includes its seasonal flight between London and Cologne. However, this will all be stopping for the time being. Additionally, the airline’s remaining flights that operate from Terminal 3 will be shifted to Terminal 5.

According to Sky News, British Airways “will continue to carry out essential functions such as maintenance, towing and cleaning in order to be ready to start up again effectively.” It is currently unclear exactly when the airline will be starting up operations at London’s southern airport once more as the situation continues to remain fluid.

A British Airways spokesperson told Simple Flying:

“Due to the considerable restrictions and challenging market environment, like many other airlines, we will temporarily suspend our flying schedule at Gatwick. We are contacting affected customers to discuss their options.”
British Airways, Long Haul, Grounded
British Airways has already grounded a number of aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

Gatwick becoming a ghost town

British Airways has, for the time being, suspended passenger operations from London Gatwick Airport. It comes after the airport recently announced it would be closing half of its terminals and consolidating all flights to its southern terminal. However, now most of the airport’s biggest customers have packed up shop, albeit temporarily.

easyJet was one of the first major Gatwick Airlines to announce that it would cut almost all flights. The airline now expects to operate nothing until June at the earliest, meanwhile, the airline’s crew are helping out the NHS at UK hospitals.

gatwick airport closure getty images
Only Gatwick’s south terminal remains open for the time being. Photo: Getty Images

Late last week Virgin Atlantic announced that it would only remain operating flights from London Heathrow for the time being. However, now the airline has further reduced this to just three routes from the London hub.

Additionally, Norwegian has severely curtailed its operations. With the majority of its fleet grounded and flights canceled, any flights that will continue will not have a significant impact at London Gatwick Airport.

It does all beg the question, who is still flying to Gatwick, and how long will the airport remain open. London City has already closed its runway. For the time being, Air Transat and Aurigny are still operating flights to the airport, among a few others.

Is suspending flights from London Gatwick the right thing to do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.