British Airways To Paint Boeing 747 In Their Iconic Negus Livery

British Airways has today announced the fourth and final retro jet livery. G-CIVB is currently in the paint shop, and the airline has now revealed it is to receive the Negus livery, which was the first to feature the name “British Airways”.

As part of the British Airways Centenary celebrations, the airline is repainting a number of aircraft in retro liveries. So far this has included BOAC, BEA, and Landor. In addition the repaints, British Airways has been surprising passengers with free upgrades to business and first class on special occasions such as Valentine’s day.

British Airways Negus
The expected Negus paint scheme. Photo: British Airways

The Negus livery

The Negus livery was the first true British Airways livery. BOAC, the British Overseas Airways Corporation, merged with BEA, British European Airlines, back in 1974. In order to maintain a single brand, British Airways was formed. The BEA and BOAC liveries were replaced with a common British Airways livery. This new livery was designed by Negus & Negus, and hence became known as the Negus Livery.

The Negus livery was worn from BA’s formation in 1974 until it was replaced by the Landor livery 10 years later in 1984. The aircraft being repainted in the Negus livery is G-CIVB. While the aircraft entered the paint shop last Saturday, no date has yet been given for its return to service.

British Airways Negus
The British Airways Negus livery. Photo: Aero Icarus via Wikimedia

Years of retrojets

While the four aircraft are being repainted in the heritage liveries for 2019, they won’t be repainted after the centenary. As such, British Airways chose to repaint fairly old aircraft.

  • G-BYGC, a Boeing 747, will wear the BOAC livery until it is retired in 2023;
  • G-EUPJ, an Airbus A319, will wear the BEA livery until it is retired in 2020;
  • G-BNLY, a Boeing 747, will wear the Landor livery until it is retired in 2023;
  • G-CIVB, a Boeing 747, will wear the Negus livery until it is retired in 2022.

Exciting year ahead for BA

While this will be the final retrojet, it is unlikely that British Airways’ celebrations will stop there. Later this year, the airline is due to receive its first Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. Shortly after this, will be the airline’s official 100th birthday. This will be celebrated on August the 25th. British Airways is yet to reveal when the first A350-100 will arrive, and how the 25th of August will be celebrated.

British Airways Negus
BOAC was the first heritage livery revealed by British Airways. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

G-BYGC arrived in Dublin on 5th February, returning on the 18th February. G-BNLY flew to Dublin on 25th February, returning on March 9th. It took 13 and 12 days to repaint the aircraft respectively. With this in mind, it is likely that the Negus livery will return to Heathrow late next week. British Airways is yet to confirm when the aircraft is to return to service, however, Simple Flying will keep readers updated.

Are you excited to see the Negus livery? What else do you think is in store for the British Airways centenary? Let us know in the comments down below!