British Airways ‘One Step Closer’ To New York JFK Terminal 8 Move

British Airways is one step closer to a terminal move at New York’s JFK Airport. The airline will look to move to Terminal 8, to co-locate with oneworld alliance partner American Airlines.

British Airways, American Airlines, New York JFK
British Airways and American Airlines will expand the current Terminal 8. Photo: American Airlines

Following a sizeable expansion, British Airways is set to depart from its current home at JFK Airport. The airline currently operates from Terminal 7 and has recently invested a significant amount to revamp the terminal’s interior. However, following an expansion of Terminal 8, British Airways will join its close partner American Airlines. As a result of the co-location, the two airlines will be able to offer much more seamless transfers between airlines.

So what’s the news?

Yesterday American Airlines announced the work that will take place in order to facilitate the change. British Airways joined American Airlines to pledge a $344 million investment in order to expand the current terminal in use at JFK Airport. The expansion will see 70,000 square feet of useable space added to the terminal area.

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York commented:

“As we progress with the JFK modernization project, we are giving Terminal 8 a new look and layout in line with the modern, world-class standards that will define the airport’s ultimate transformation. When this work is completed, Terminal 8 will accommodate more passengers who will be able to enjoy a better travel experience and will make the work of airport staff more efficient and more seamless.”

British Airways, American Airlines, New York JFK
The inside of the new terminal could look like this. Photo: American Airlines

When will British Airways make the move?

No firm date has been given for when British Airways will join its American partner airline. However, American Airlines stated that construction of the terminal expansion will be completed in 2022, around two to three years time depending on when in the year.

Adding to the Governor’s comments, British Airways CEO Alex Cruz commented:

“This is an exciting development in our move to Terminal 8, alongside American Airlines, our Atlantic joint-business partner. We are one step closer to offering an even better customer experience for passengers traveling to, from and through JFK. We look forward to our continued work with the Port Authority and American Airlines in order to build a world-class transatlantic travel experience.”

British Airways, American Airlines, New York JFK
The last Boeing 747 will leave the British flag carrier’s fleet in 2024, meaning it could have a chance of serving Terminal 8. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

British Airways has recently invested money in refurbishing Terminal 7, its current New York home. In October 2018, the airline opened its refreshed First lounge. Additionally, it revamped concourse with more seating. British Airways has also added a first wing, similar to that found at Heathrow Airport. The Concorde room was previously refurbished, and the Business lounge came after the first-class lounge refurbishment.

Will you be happy to see BA move to Terminal 8, or should they stay at Terminal 7? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!