BALPA Announces British Airways Pilot Strike Dates

BALPA has announced the dates of planned strikes by British Airways pilots. Unless an agreement is reached beforehand, pilots belonging to BALPA will go on strike for three days in September. These dates are the 9th, 10th, and 27th of September.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike
British Airways pilots have announced the dates of strike action. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Earlier this summer, British Airways pilots belonging to the BALPA pilots union voted to go on strike. The strike action is due to a row over salaries. British Airways attempted to block the strike with an injunction, however, the airline was unsuccessful with its appeal at the High Court in London. The news comes on the final day that Ryanair’s BALPA pilots are on strike.

Strike to go ahead

Prior to going on strike, British Airways’s pilots are legally required to give 14 days notice. BALPA has respected this by giving 17 days notice of its intended strike. Now, British Airways has confirmed it has received notice from BALPA of the strikes. As such, pilots could now go on strike on Monday the 9th, Tuesday the 10th, and Friday 27th of September.


As a result of the strikes, British Airways will likely not be able to offer its full complement of flights on strike days. As such, the airline says it is now making changes to its schedule on the dates affected by strike action.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike
The BALPA pilots union has announced three days of strikes in September. Photo: British Airways

“Completely unacceptable”

British Airways has called the strikes planned by pilots completely unacceptable. The airline says that “tens of thousands” of its passengers will be affected by the strike action. The action is likely to delay and cancel flights to and from the airline’s London hubs.

The airline says that it is exploring every avenue in order to minimize disruption to passengers. It specifically mentioned that it is trying to secure wet-lease aircraft for use on strike days. This would mean that the airline pays another airline to operate its flight with their crew and aircraft.

British Airways, BALPA, Pilot Strike
British Airways has called the strikes completely unacceptable. Photo: British Airways

What has the airline offered pilots?

British Airways has offered pilots an 11.5% pay increase over the course of three years. This, it says, is “very fair and well above the UK’s current rate of inflation”. The airline adds that 90% of British Airways colleagues, those belonging to other unions, have already accepted this deal.

BALPA has said the strike action was called as there is “no prospect of any further meaningful talks” with British Airways. The union also warned that it could announce further dates up until January if the matter remains unresolved. According to the union, each day of strike action will cost British Airways £40 million. It then adds that the gap between BA and BALPA’s proposed deals is only £5 million.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike
British Airways earlier lost an appeal against strike action. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

What if I have flights booked on these dates?

If you are expecting to fly on one of these dates, it is advisable to contact the airline in the first instance. British Airways says that “It is likely that many of our customers will not be able to travel and we will be offering refunds and re-bookings for passengers booked on canceled flights.”

It could be worth seeing whether your travel insurance covers strike action. However, travel insurance taken out now likely won’t cover the disruption as it is already known about. If you need to travel, it may also be worth booking alternate flights just in case, however, this will almost certainly be at any passenger’s own cost. Should flights be delayed over three hours or canceled, passengers could be eligible for compensation under EU261.

Are you due to fly with British Airways on these dates? Do you support or oppose strike action? Let us know in the comments!


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Don Featherstone

Edinburgh to London then Calgary on September 10. Darn, I will be stuck in Edinburgh for 2 days that BA will have to compensate me for meals and accommodations up to their reasonable limit. I’m going to actually benefit with 2 additional days in Scotland since I have no urgency to return.
That being said, BALPA is being greedy.


London to Luxembourg on September 11 now cancelled. Instead of a one-hour flight and a meeting in the afternoon, it will now take a plane and two trains – and most of the day to get me to Luxembourg. Need to book a hotel for one night and had to move my meeting to September 12. BA will refund the cancelled flight but not pay for hotel or meals.- I guess that’s only to be expected since BA doesn’t want to pay its pilots either.

Marcus Alldrick

Return flight from Bilbao on September 9 cancelled, can’t rebook on due to “unknown error” despite repeated attempts and keep getting disconnected when calling BA Customer Services. In BA’s own words “Completely Unacceptable”.

K. Preston

We are a retired couple with one of us being disabled and
Travelling to South Africa on 25th problem.

Return flight on 27th September..strike day. Unable to contact either by phone or
Computer as their Web Page..manage my booking .co, will not give us any information relating to possible options for the 27th.

Where do we go from here????

David Jacques

BALPA should be ashamed. Their members know BA cabin and ground staff often earn such lousy salaries they can’t live on them and need support from the welfare state but pilots notoriously have no political or social sense at all. This strike will promote the cause of the political loony left. Corbyn will love it.

Danilo Daher

I booked a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Brussels with a short stopover in London 07/09, returning from Vienna with a layover in London in 29/09 and got an e-mail from BA telling me it was cancelled. Today they apologized the inconvenience and asserted that it was kept as original. So there must be hope for your guys. Nevertheless, if they ever cancel my flight again, it’s possible to sue them, at least in Brazil, asking for compensation on “material damage” (hotel, meals, higher fares in other companies) and even “moral damage”. I’d advise anyone to do the same… Read more »

Just Wondering

When will October 2019 Strike Dates be released IF no agreement is reached?
Or will any actions be rescinded for rest of 2019?