British Airways Staff Go The Extra Mile Returning A Lost Kindle

Passengers often lose items onboard aircraft. Unfortunately, these items don’t always make their way back to the relevant owners. However, a group of British Airways staff recently went out of the way to return a passenger’s lost Kindle.

British Airways, Toronto, Lost Kindle
A British Airways customer recently lost a Kindle on a flight to Toronto. Photo: British Airways

A FlyerTalk user, snaxmuppet, recently shared the story of how they lost and was then reunited with their lost Kindle. The story starts on board a British Airways flight to Toronto. Snaxmuppet was traveling in the Club World cabin, likey onboard British Airways’ new Airbus A350. The Club World cabin has many little storage areas on compartments inside the new Club Suite seat.

It would seem that the forum user must have placed their Kindle in one of these compartments, and forgotten to remove it upon arrival. It happens to all of us at one point or another. When they arrived at their hotel, a representative of British Airways said that it had been found, and would be held at the airport until the passenger returned. They were told to collect the item from the check-in desk upon their return.

The Kindle gets lost

Upon returning to Toronto Airport, the passenger forgot to claim their Kindle at the check-in desk. However, realizing this in the lounge they went to find a member of staff to raise this with.

British Airways, Toronto, Lost Kindle
It had been assumed the Kindle was lost for good in Toronto. Photo: British Airways

The said member of staff made some phone calls, however, it appeared as though the lost Kindle was nowhere to be seen. At this point, Snaxmuppet assumed that their e-reader had been lost to the universe and returned home.

A Kindle reunited

Fast forward a couple of days and the passenger received an email from British Airways staff regarding the fate of the Kindle. It had been found. However, the problem had now become that the Kindle was stranded 3,500 miles away in Toronto with the passenger back in London.

This wasn’t a bother for the British Airways staff, however. They arranged for the Kindle to be shipped back to the United Kingdom by FedEx, with the package arriving back in the passenger’s hands just seven days after they flew home. Commenting on the forum, Snaxmuppet wrote of the airline:

“So a big WELL DONE to the gate crew for bothering and another big WELL DONE to BA for allowing their staff to provide this kind of service.”

British Airways, Toronto, Lost Kindle
The kindle was returned to its owner via FedEx. Photo: British Airways

What did British Airways think?

Simple Flying contacted British Airways who confirmed the authenticity of the story. In a comment they told us:

We’re really pleased the team in Toronto were able to reunite our customer with their lost item.

Have you lost an item on board a British Airways aircraft? Were you reunited or was it lost to the universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!