British Airways Cancels Flights Ahead Of Storm Ciara

British Airways is gearing up for Storm Ciara. Ahead of the storm’s impact on Sunday, British Airways is canceling a number of routes out of London airports and offering customers alternative options. While most of the affected flights are short-haul, European routes, passengers should still watch their flight status in case of other changes.

British Airlines, Iraq, Iran, Airspace Ban
British Airways is canceling a number of routes ahead of Storm Ciara. Photo: Getty Images

British Airways prepares for Storm Ciara

Inclement weather is known to wreak havoc on airline operations. From snow to typhoons, airlines have to deal with a number of different weather events that can affect operations. In order to better prepare staff and preserve operational integrity, airlines will sometimes cancel flights ahead of time in order to avoid having to deal with a number of passengers at the airport. In addition, this also helps better prepare travelers.

Heathrow Airport Passengers
Rather than deal with passengers at the airport, airlines will sometimes cancel flights ahead of time to better prepare travelers. Photo: British Airways

British Airways will be canceling a number of services as a result of Storm Ciara. Simple Flying reached out to British Airways and was provided with the following statement:

Like all airlines operating in to and out of the UK tomorrow, we will be affected by Storm Ciara. Safety is at the heart of everything we do, so we’re merging a number of flights to avoid operating when the winds are at their strongest. We’re doing everything we can to minimise disruption, including offering those who are booked on any short haul services tomorrow a range of flexible rebooking options.

What should passengers do?

Before heading to the airport, passengers should check the status of their flight through their airline’s website. British Airways will offer updates on flights throughout the weekend on its website and app.

British Airways airport
Passengers should check out their flight status at British Airways’ website before heading to the airport. Photo: British Airways

Most of the affected flights are short-haul routes that have multiple daily flights. However, if you are booked on a long-haul, you should monitor your flight’s status in case of a change in weather. Some long-haul flights will not operate as a result of the storm.


While Storm Ciara could significantly shorten transatlantic flight times, the high winds are expected to wreak havoc for short-haul operations. As of now, British Airways has canceled some short-haul flights out of London-City, Heathrow, and Gatwick due to Storm Ciara.

British Airways is not the only airline that is canceling flights due to this storm. Other airlines include the Lufthansa Group, United, and American Airlines.

Most airlines cancel services in order to prevent operational disruptions. If your flight is canceled, whether you fly British Airways or any other airline, it is best to contact your airline or your travel agent to check for options to be rebooked. Flights should resume as normal once the storm passes.

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