British Airways Pilots Call Off 27th September Strike

British Airways pilots have called off a planned strike on the 27th of September. The strike would’ve likely caused chaos given the pilots’ previous strike. However, the airline has already made flight cancellations.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike Cancelled
British Airways pilots have cancelled their third day of industrial action. Photo: British Airways

British Airways’ pilots have already carried out two days of strike action so far in September. These caused a huge blow to British Airways’ operations. However, the third day of strike action had been planned for next Friday, the 27th of September. To the relief of travellers and the airline, the strike has now been called off. This has not come before the airline has cancelled flights though.

Previous strike recap

Previously, British Airways pilots went on strike on the 9th and 10th of September. During the Monday and Tuesday when the strike took place, BA only operated one passenger flight using its own aircraft and crew. This flight carried passengers to the rugby world cup on the first day of the strike.

On the second day of the strike, not a single British Airways aircraft took off with passengers onboard. Although, a British Airways Boeing 747 did take off from Heathrow in order to enter maintenance off-site. Wet-lease flights, whose crews were unaffected by the pay dispute, continued to operate.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike Cancelled
Pilots had been set to walkout on the 27th of September. Photo: British Airways

Strike action cancelled

BALPA, the union behind the British Airways pilot strikes, has decided to call off its 27th of September strike. With nine days until the strike is due to begin, the airline has already cancelled many flights. Most passengers on affected flights have already accepted refunds, or have been rebooked. The airline could reinstate the flights, however, this will mean they potentially have a low turn out.

Mentioning the cancelled strike dates, BALPA’s general secretary said,

“Someone has to take the initiative to sort out this dispute and with no sign of that from BA the pilots have decided to take the responsible course. In a genuine attempt at establishing a time out for common sense to prevail, we have lifted the threat of the strike on the 27th September.”

However, the union did warn that it would consider further strike dates.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike Cancelled
British Airways only operated one passenger flight during the last two days of strike action. Photo: British Airways

It seems that BALPA did not give British Airways any warning about the cancellations of the strikes before announcing the move publicly. When contacted by Simple Flying, a British Airways spokesperson said,

“We have just received this news. We are considering the implications and we will give updates in due course.”

Were you due to fly on the 27th of September? Has the strike’s cancellation provided some relief? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.