One Week To Go Until British Airways Pilot Strike

There’s now just one week to go until British Airways pilots are set to go on strike. The pilots union BALPA announced strike action following failed negotiations over salary increases.

British Airways First Class, Alex Cruz, Boeing 777-9
British Airways pilots are due to go on strike next week. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

London Heathrow is set to become chaos on Monday and Tuesday next week. Unless a deal is worked out in the meantime, British Airways Pilots belonging to the BALPA Pilots union will go on strike. This leaves British Airways in a tricky position as without pilots, flights can not operate. The airline is looking at all options to try and minimise disruption, including exploring wet-leasing aircraft.

Will the strike go ahead?

British Airways previously told Simple Flying that they were urging BALPA to return to talks over the strikes. However, BALPA doesn’t seem interested in talking at the moment. On Thursday BALPA said that there was no point in returning to talks unless another offer is approved.

It would appear as though British Airways expects the first round of strikes will go ahead. The airline has already cancelled a number of flights in order to give passengers as much notice as possible. Obviously, if the airline expected that strikes wouldn’t go ahead, there would be little point in cancelling flights so early.

BALPA, British Airways, Pilot Strike
The BALPA pilots union has announced three days of strikes in September. Photo: British Airways

What is the airline’s latest position?

Simple Flying spoke to British Airways regarding the strikes on Thursday. We were told: “We have continued to urge BALPA to return to talks since they issued strike dates, and this was reiterated again yesterday afternoon.”

A spokesperson went on to add: “Our negotiating team is standing by and open to discussion, with Alex Cruz’s full support.” The airline had nothing to add on this position when contacted today.

Will I be affected by the strike?

Unless British Airways has cancelled your flight, it is impossible to say with certainty whether your flight will be cancelled. British Airways has already cancelled several flights, and affected passengers should already have been contacted.

BALPA Strike
The strike is in a row over pay. Photo: Nick Morrish/British Airways

Regardless of whether you have been contacted, you should check the status of your booking online. This is possible using the airline’s manage my booking feature. This will allow passengers who may have missed their cancellation email to remain informed. However, British Airways accidentally informed some passengers that their flights had been cancelled when they are still running.

Simple Flying will keep readers updated if there are any major developments in this story.

Are you due to fly with British Airways during the strike? Has your flight been cancelled? Let us know in the comments.